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Hey all

I've read about this product called "AMSOIL". Evidently it's some kind of
super-duper oil. I am intrigued by this, and would like to know more. I don't
recall ever seeing any at the auto parts store or similar venue. Do you have
to know some kind of secret wink or handshake to pull out when you ask
for "the *good* oil", or what?

Clue me in here...

standard issue


no super secret. Amsoil is a brand of oil, just like Valvoline. They make great stuff. I'm using the 100:1 high performance 2 cycle stuff, and I love it, seems like the engine does too. I simply ordered it from their website.


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Sep 30, 2006
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Some fisherman near Bayou La Batre told me about it in January, gave me a large bottle, and I like it so far. They said they had switched to Amsoil a while back, and have noticed better performance.

Only problem is the "Stihl" had a 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon size for 50:1, and the Amsoil bottle has to be re-measured to make the same mix.

Maybe they have different sizes, I haven't seen it on a shelf yet.

It doesn't smoke as much, that is a fact, the exhaust is a lot cleaner.


Amsoil has some cult like super followers and then there are those that have never heard of it.

It's a pretty decent product, but there are others that are just as good. Seems a little pricey on some of the products and the "secret handshake" thing doesn't hurt either.

A big change in mrsaxman99's engine is likely due to the 50:1 mixture with synthetic oil.

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It's great stuff I have used it for years on 2-Stroke Motos and it seems to work great on these bike engines too. Since it is a synthetic oil you shouldn't use it for your break-in but after that it is the way to go. Just about any motorcycle shop that sells MX bikes will carry it.


ok i got a bottle of 100 to1 and cannot figure out how much to put in 1 gallon. on the bottle it says 50 to 1 to one gallon is 2.5 oz so that would make the mix 50 to 1 but the guy told me that you can up the ratio cause the oils good or should i use 25 to one kinda confused any amsoil geeks out there just wanna try this stuff properly for these 48 cc engines larry ca


ok that post was confusing eh! so what i need to know is amsoil 100 to1 how much of that do i put in a gallon of gas to use in a 48 cc broken in engine with 600 miles on it i read a post were drew d says its ok to run it at 50 to 1 which is 2.5 oz of amsoil oil sound about right ! larry ca