An air engine ?

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  1. P K Pillai

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    I have designed a simple pneumatic engine & hope to assemble a prototype in a month's time.
    Please view round 6 winners The Pillai Engine.
    May I look forward to opinions?

  2. loquin

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    The two points I would make are:
    1. Compressed air has a terrible energy density. It's less than almost any kind of battery, and much, MUCH less than gasoline. You would have to compress the air to the 3000 PSI (20 MPa/ 20 Atm) to get any sort of useful runtime, which leads to expensive, and large, pressure tanks to store the compressed air.
    2. There is the issue of frost to contend with. As the compressed air pressure drops, there is a corresponding temperature drop, which can lead to frosting. With automotive pneumatic motor development, frost buildup has been known to block motor exhaust ports, especially in humid locations.
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    Mahindra had planned to sell small diesel powered pickups in the US. I guess the US economy tanked before it was launched.
  4. P K Pillai

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    An air engine

    The design is a little unconventional, to say the least.It's an air assisted pendulum.Very large piston area & just 1 Atm.It's for use on cycle rickshaws - relatively low speeds & torque.I hope to test it this month.
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    isnt there a car in china that runs on compressed air?
    i thought i read something about that somewhere....
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