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  1. HeadSmess

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    i was on ebay... i live there :)

    trying to find parts for an OS FS 90/120

    these are fourstrokeaero engines, 15/20cc

    mainly 2xpiston,rings,cyl liner, heads, valve gear...

    why? i wanna make a 40cc vtwin 4stroke, in much the same style as a HT engine... even in using the clutch /gears from one. and im too lazy to make those parts(plus they would last longer...alloys etc)

    i didnt find anything, BUT!!!!

    I FOUND THIS!!!!!

    ok, so its not actually ebay... so shoot me.

    besides the hefty pricetag....look how neat and compact it is! that beats a honda in tightness! runs on straight gas!

    and aero engines are intended to run WOT most of the time....

    aye, i found a cheap source of honda gx22?31? and others so....
    decision, decision...

    cant find one mention of a huasheng here down under though...

    i still want my vtwin though :(

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    RC engines are cooled from airflow resulting from forward flight and from prop wash. Would probably overheat in a bike setup.
  3. Old Bob

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    it beats nothing, especially for that price
  4. HeadSmess

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    motorcycle engines are designed to be cooled by forward movement and no prop wash...

    RC AERO engine is cowled. often completely. with a very small intake. but, strangely, the OUTLETS are usually 3-4 times the area...
    not propwash. unless the engines out in the open, old timer style. its the venturi or bernouli effect that provides the air flow. look into cowl design ;) or learn from experience :eek:

    RC engine alone could be a car, a heli, a boat, a moto... all cooled differently, dependant on use.

    buell motorcycles...air cooled HD, and that rear cylinder is so covered up they actually have an electric thermo fan that kicks in when you sit and idle for too long... usually after five minutes.

    83 kawasaki gpz...aircooled four, in a fairing. never overheated, even on 44 degree (C) days in traffic...

    overheating isnt an issue. not on something this size

    but yes bob, with that pricetag, im inclined to agree...

    still... what was a honda new worth a few years ago? and they only got away with that for so long cus they have a long history/brandname to use. but they were NEVER designed to do what aero engines do. run. reliably. day in day out rain hail shine at full throttle. you PAY for WHAT YOU GET! and its an average price in the model world.

    if i was rich, id get one, just to seeeeee... as it is, i part with my money fast enough not to need any more foolishness. lol.
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  5. Old Bob

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    That particular F/I is actually a Robin EHO 35 nothing special about it, they didn't do anything with its state of tune, it makes that same amount of power as the lawn tool engine. They swapped the carb so throttle linkage hook up was easier, and changed ignition and flywheel because with the large props giant scale use, you don't need a big flywheel.
    I've worked on them before, I used to do engine conversions with another guy.Lawn tool engines turned in giant scale airplane engines.The Honda beats the R/S-F/I, you can fly inverted all day with the Honda because of the oil system. The R/S you can do one loop at most, any more than that and the engine is not getting oiled.Banked more than 45° and its wasn't oiling.The rubber dip tube with the heavy brass weight on the end to keep in the oil would flop around the sump would sometimes fall off the fitting and not oil.By time you noticed the piston and cylinder were :poop:
    We could convert an EHO for about half what F/I was gouging people, but always recommended the Honda instead.

    New Hondas? they have always been reasonably priced.

    GX31 $225 plus shipping ($15)
    GX35 $235 " " "

    The R/S has always been close to the Honda price $235 or so.
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  6. HeadSmess

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    ok, i rest my supplied the info i didnt bother researching...theyre a robin with no starter? hmmm. ok. filthy cheats!

    unfortunately, in au, even with exchange rates...we pay about an extra 200 for the honda, and its come down dramatically over the years. cheapest ive found for a 22 is 350, no gst or freight.... so 400+ in reality. sux.
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    Hey the honda company is one of if not the greatest engine manufacturer of all time.there only rival is volks vagon honda motors are found on every contanent in the world as are the vw bug. as far as building a reliable motor...look at how many 1980's hondas that are still on the road and krap, even the great chevy 350 camel back 4 bolt cant stay runing for as many miles with out a rebuild. there generators are found evey were in the revolutionized the world of small engines with the GY6 wich has been cloned by every other company in the world since the 80's when the unvailed it in the 80-81 honda spree.
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    Yup no starter, to bad you can't get engines cheaper. The Honda engines we get here aren't legal in Australia, other wise you could find someone here to get one and send it to you.

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