An early concept of CNC machinery

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    There are some seriously smart people in this word. Imagine trying to work out the maths to get the mechanical programming to run.

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    babbage springs to mind....

    in fact, wasnt the lady that hung around with him immortalised as a programming language? she did quite a lot in regards to early computer coding... before they even had radio or amplifiers or anything really.


    just had a lot more "time". ie, no TV, no pokie machines, no internet, no radio, no nothing but.... determination and plenty of boredom. i suppose you could only recite the bible so many times before the desire to read something else arose...

    if it hadnt been for the bible and all that dark ages nonsense...even, wow...going back to ceasar and the library of alexandria... where would we be nowadays?

    meh, nowadays, theres an impetus to be just another dull brainless mass of flesh rather than do something constructive...
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    Does anybody remember? When to program the computer in 1970-80's in BASIC? I never understood the point of computers, at that time
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    Does anyone remember what it was like trying to download things with a 28K modem, particularly the kind of things that men are predisposed to downloading, and the massive modem envy when one of your friends got a 56K modem.
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    Yes I do, especially when you were about to download something (took several hours sometimes) - the phone rang and the connection was lost:ack2: