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    the problem in my place is rarity of material as an exp centrifugal clutch . to solve this problem I plan to make the trailer movable up and down so if I need the power put it on ground if need to stop the bicycle or slow it down pull it up. what do you think

    instead of using chain or belt I will attach the engine to the wheel directly . the same method using in following pic

  2. s_beaudry

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    In theory it would work as the weight of it would most likely make for good friction.

    Safety wise, I am thinking it is a VERY bad idea!

    Trying to stop in an emergency situation or such, you are asking for trouble in trying to stop and work the brakes as well.

    Anyone else feel safety should be first here?
  3. macarollo

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    I completely agree. You can buy a clutch on the internet for less than $30. You really NEED a clutch in order for it to work well. Otherwise it will die at idle... and be unsafe when you need to slow down quickly.

    Where are you from?