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  1. I have an 8-hp Kohler from a golf cart with a starter/generator belted on it. I origionally thought of using a Comet VST but they are only good for about 5 hp. I discovered I have a centrifugal clutch with a 1" bore and also an industrial pulley speed unit that has a sliding center element and a powerful spring pushing the outer elements together. I also have a Cushman rear wheel unit with sprocket , brake drum and axle. If I was to set the pulley speed controller on a sliding pair of rods it could be shuttled fore and aft with a rocking peddle similiar to a Hawg clutch peddle with a friction pad on the pivot. Simplex/Servicycle used such a system as I remember. It would require a jackshaft to change from output belt to chain sprocket. I would start on it, but it would require a license, title, and insurance.
    I really need to keep wiring my car build, so somebody PLEASE talk me out of it !. LOL:sweatdrop:

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    thats some heavy stuff you wanna stuff on a bike isn't it?...that alone would make me shy away
  3. It ain't a lil' motorbike

    Actually it would be a full-blown motorscooer on a par with a Cushman box.
    For now I am tinkering with an Skat Kat Kitten cast ally scoot that I am mounting my 5-1/2 hp Jiang Dong in that I removed from the Monarch 3-speed when I installed a 6-1/2 hp similiar one in. I can screw off on that so I don't have to face the wiring job on the Locost Lotus 7 project. I will clean out a bike sprocket with 45 teeth to fit the drum on the wheel and use a wheel sprocket from a coaster brake on a jackshaft with a pulley to the engine. Hopefully I will be able to get the setscrew out of the motor pulley to mount the centrifugal clutch. I'm glad you rattled my cage, as it reminded me to stick some penetrating oil in the hole to soak.
    However., when I was a kid growing up, Charley Bacon had a 20" bicycle with an 8 hp Wisconson in it with a 2-speed Cushman tranny. He burned a doughnut in the Mayor's front yard and he came out waving his fist and saying he had spent $600 on his yard. GOD how I envied Charley Bacon. A TRANNY!
    That is probably the reason for the S-A hub tranny jackshaft on the Monarch.