An index of my faults, failings, tools and parts from the start to now.

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    1. Upon receiving the kit and first installation, the clutch plate was entirely jammed and had to be manually loosened with a hammer and screwdriver. Even after this, it remained stiff for probably 2 months.
    2. Lost the bucking bar accidentally not once, but twice. Also once lost the ball bearing. Both times I was several km from my house.
    3. Tried to install the engine backwards due to very low quality documentation.
    4. Rear sprocket alignment was very difficult and at first was installed incorrectly, once again, due to very poor manufacturer instructions.
    5. Chain too loose - Hitting frame, hitting tire, comming off and locking up the rear wheel, popping it in the process.
    6. Chain too tight - Locking on rear sprocket, occasionally comming off, but always locking the rear wheel.
    7. Engine alignment impercievably small degrees out - Chain grinding on teeth hard.
    8. Carburettor free flowing fuel out the overflow tube on the side - Probably a problem with the tangs, after several hours of adjustment was unable to get it to stop. Solution: New carb.
    9. Engine 'popping' (misfiring) (Unresolved)
    10. Very severe vibration (together with a speed bump fractured my finger) - Either chain/engine alignment or something loose.
    11. Chain throwing master link clips (3 times)
    12. Spark plug exploding out of the top while riding (Wasn't quite tight enough)
    13. Exhaust baffle and carburettor baffle both vibrating themselves off at the same time even though they were perfectly secure (probably from #9). (times 2)
    14. Fouled spark plugs x3
    15. Failed CDI x3
    16. Failed magneto due to bad sealing
    17. Stripped threads, lost bolts/nuts x100 probably
    18. Engine mounting threads including for exhaust all comming loose from their positions over time.
    19. Accelerator cable sticking either inside carb or inside jacket.
    20. Small piece of thread within the side of the clutch handle prevents clutch holder spring button (by design). Can't be entirely removed without force, vibrates itself back inside over time, causing the button to not work (usually when you need it).
    21. At the appropriate tension, the mounting point of the cable to the accellerator grip snapped off without provocation.
    22. Popped tires x3
    23. Clutch no longer working while both the exact same bucking bar and bearing are in place, clutch lever has full range of motion. Cable partially snapped but even manually it doesn't work. Broke while riding. (Unresolved).
    24. Extremely poor quality and dysfunctional chain tensioner - In my view entirely useless as mine regardless of how I adjusted it was barely able to even be spun by finger. No longer used.
    25. Chain seems to lose tension quite badly over time without the wheel moving/slipping.. I heard it stretches a bit so might need adjusting twice or so (once on installation, once after stretching), but I have had to adjust mine at least 4 or 5 times.
    26. The mounting for the accellerator handle requires extremely precarious use of a nut, which you cant hold by any fashion except to try and push on it with your finger until the alans bolt gets tight enough to hold it in place.
    -- Probably about 10 more things. --


    Starting items:

    A full list of tools used and cost:
    (Note: Started with NO tools)
    • Adjustable spanners x2 - $15 (Poor quality)
    • Flat head and phillips screwdrivers - $15
    • Large pliers - $10
    • Needlenose pliers - $10
    • Grinder (Dremel clone) - $45
    • Claw hammer - $10
    • Drill - $25 (Poor quality)

    Additional tools:
    • Full set of ring spanners (4mm - 20mm) - $16 (On sale, decent quality)
    • Small socket set x2 (For double sided tightning) - $40 (Worst tools ever made)
    • Spoke spanner - $15
    • Cable cutters - $25 (Good quality)

    Additional / Replacement Parts:
    • 1 New carb - $65
    • 2 New CDI - $50
    • 2 New brake cables - $20
    • 4 New brake pads - $20
    • 1 New trip computer - $40
    • 4 Spark plugs - $40
    • ~4 Cans spray lubricant - $40
    • ~4 Cans degreaser - $55)
    • 1 Tube synthetic grease - $15
    • 1 Bottle synthetic chain oil - $15
    • 3 New tubes - $35
    • 3 Tire liners (Reinforced) - $15
    • Replacement fuel line - $15
    • Inline fuel filter - $20

    Estimated total cost to date: $961.

    .... And still, it is highly prone to breaking without warning, and is currently broken (on my way to work I might add) (See #9, #23 & #25 above).

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  2. professor

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    You sure went thru problems! Yikes.
    I would not include tools cost though. Tools are forever.
    Does this make you think about a different power source?

    Prices seem real high on the parts/ additional stuff you list, is the Au dollar that low?
  3. Hajuu

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    Yeah I agree about tools, thats why I put them in a seperate list.

    Currently i'm thinking of sticking a new tube in it, selling it as is for whatever I can get for it, and putting the money towards buying a small scooter..

    I mean, at some point you have to say enough is enough.

    Such a shame though as I love it like my baby, its just that if its regularly breaking, it obviously cant handle what I want it to every day.
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    Please don't take this personally, but some people should not take on a project without getting personalized assistance. It appears that the problems you had are all caused by inexperience or operator error.

    You need turnkey....sorry.
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    That's not my take on this at all. Seems this guy knows enough to identify the problem(s) and fix them. Looks like he just had a lot of problems.
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    man you sure complain a lot.... multiply that list times 100 and you might get close to all the problems I have dealt with in my garage throughout the projects.

    The key is this... I dont think of them as problems, I consider them all an opportunity to learn something new. :idea:

    most things in life can be solved by a slight adjustment in perspective. :helmet:

    Who even keeps track of this stuff??
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    Good word Vetec, I am thinking lately that a positive attitude actually brings good things to oneself.
    Hajuu, if I had your experiences with the HT, I also would be dumping them and looking for a different deal. Probably would be just a different power source though.
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    I dunno, I love these little bikes but they are what they are. It's a fun hobby, but I don't think I'd consider it a reliable source of transportation. There's a lot of other motorcycles/scooters out there that are far more reliable and are also considered scooters (which don't require a license) for about the same money if you shop around. But to each his own. If you want to commute on a MB more power to you! I think its great that people do that. Regular long distance travel helps work out the 'buggs' which helps all of us. Just know what you are getting into, that's all I am saying.

    Now that I have said all that, I will say that the rag joint sprocket and chain tensioner is the worst idea/design ever. I have a clamshell adapter and LOVE it. But there are other alternatives out there all of which are in the 100 dollar range, but well worth it. I love this site. Without it, I would have been lost on my build. It makes the hobby 10x more fun.
  9. wow for that money i could buy 3 bikes and a engine kit for each bike.
    Looks like stuff cost 3 times as much where he lives.
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