An interesting thing happened on the way to the restaurant...

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by KilroyCD, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. KilroyCD

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    I Took the Whizzer out today to meet my brother and father for lunch, and a funny thing happened on the way to the restaurant. First, the weather was a bit on the cool side, and I had not ridden the Whizzer in weather this cold before. It didn't want to start and when it did it took forever to respond to the throttle. Once the engine was warmed up, the belts still weren't and boy were they loose in the cold! Once the belts warmed up they got back to normal, but at first it was like I had an auto clutch.
    But here's the odd thing that happened, I was accellerating up a slight grade and once I got to the top I pulled back on the throttle, yet the bike still kept accellerating. I closed the throttle, and it was still wide open (and accellerating through the posted speed limit of 35mph), so I hit the kill switch and slowed down. Once below the speed limit I then turned the kill switch back on and everything was all right from that point on. Perhaps it was a stuck slide?

  2. will_start

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    My PMB bike used to do this all the time. The only way to settle it was to pull in the clutch,
    give it a quick hard rev, and it would slip back to normal revs.
    I don't ride that Petrol MB anymore as its illegal here.
    Never worked that one out, just worked out the way around it...
  3. Mountainman

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    yes - could be a stuck slide as you have stated or a few other places known to cause

    these types of problems bring on some concern

    may happen again -- kind of makes one want to be attentive as you

    ride that thing
  4. frenchlayer

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    I had to file down my slide recently as it would get stuck until it wamed up, made for an exciting warm up ride each time tho
  5. Whizzer carb slide

    Hi guys, on the cheap china carb (2-strokes) it MIGHT be ok to modify the slide, but certainly not on the Whizzer carbs.

    The Whizzer slide is coated (teflon?), and should not be tampered with.

    if this was my bike, I would pull the carb, and push the slide in and out of the barrel several times to be sure it works freely. If not, then determine wheather the slide or carb body is ay fault, and repair accordingly.

  6. stude13

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    the slides are icing up.
  7. duivendyk

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    The carb froze up,Is there high thermal conductivity between cylinder and carb body?,most of my motorcycles had insulating spacers to keep the carb from getting too hot.At temperatures below 10 degrees C and with high humidity,it's easy for the carb to ice up esp. after starting up .Usually the engine has no power and may die,but at times the slide can get stuck.We had this problem fairly often in Holland where you have this sort of bone-chilling weather a lot in winter.
  8. KilroyCD

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    I was also wondering about carburetor icing, a phenomenon I'm familiar with on aircraft. I wasn't really expecting it, but as the humidity was high and the temp was around 7 degrees Celsius, it may have been just that.
  9. n8ygn

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    carb icying

    When coming in for a landing during high humidity turn on carburator heat this will solve the problem, oh that's right your on a Whizzer not Cesna. Never mind!!!!!!!!!!!!