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    Greetings Everyone!

    I am obviously new here so here is a short bio:

    I am currently working for an electrician and have about a 1.5 mile commute to our shop. I have been wanting to get a motorcycle for quite a while but being as I am saving to go back to college this fall, I don't exactly have the money for one. Then I came across an ad for a motorized bicycle. After doing some looking I decided that a motorized bicycle might just be the ticket. I have done quite a bit of looking around and kind of have in mind what I might want so I was going to run it by some more experienced riders to get some feedback. I am going to post that in another thread to try to keep things somewhat orderly. You guys have a great forum and it has been really informative. Can't wait to get on my feet.


    Here is a build idea I had some questions about:
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    Hey Lazieboy, Sweet bike. I really like the paint job. I don't have a bike or a motor yet. I posted the build idea that I have in mind on another thread. The address is at the bottom of my first thread.
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    Free Bike

    Hey i got my bike for free someone was throwing it out so i snaged it and refinished it. You should look around your neiborhood for a neglected bike burried in weeds and see if you could get it. Also check around dumpsters by appartments. Might save you some money if your lucky.
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    I live in a pretty small town so most of what you find in the junk piles and in the weeds is really junk, but thanks for the idea. :)