An MBc success story



Today I was minding the parts counter at the NAPA store here. The phone rang. It was Gary, a guy who rides a Happy Time around here. His chain had stretched, and he shortened it. Too much (destructive disassembly). Though I had only seen a HT up close once, I've read enough here that I knew exactly what his situation was. I had him go to the LBS and get a short chunk of BMX chain and bring it to the shop. I found a chain breaker in the small tool room and added a link to his chain. I also told him about some of the ideas I've read about chain tensioners. He asked what he owed me. I said "No charge, but some day we might be doing this sort of thing professionally".
You all deserve thanks for getting his bike back on the road.:cool:

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well, since it isn't techie in nature, i'll move it to "general" but i'll add...

that's the way it's done, brother!!

alaskavan: you are such a positive assett to the MB-movement, i'm sure many others agree with me. i look forward to clinking beers with you :cool:
I agree with you,
'Van, you help everywhere with pertinent advice...
good on ya dude !!!

ps, I forgot about looking forward to reading your sig (it's always a cool saying:LOL:)
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That's what it's all about my friend- community, brotherhood, lending a hand when it is needed with no thought of reward... Can't wait to shake yer hand and knock a beer with ya brother...
P.S. love your signatures!!!