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    Folks on cable, Kiwi's and Bonneville Speed Week fans probably already know about the 2005 movie "The World's Fastest Indian", which Anthony Hopkins called his best.

    Like George Wyman, another MBidol, since right in the first few minutes the bike displays it's pedals.

    The Sisters at Sacred Heart told me about it back in June (they have community movie night each week), and yesterday Sr. Eleanor had a Blockbuster copy for me, I'll pass it around the neighborhood and take it back Saturday.....

    Based on one **** of a true story about Burt Munro, one of those guys who want to die with their boots on.

    And keep in mind, his 1920 "modified" Indan Scout has pedals !!

    Anyway, there is a New Zealander on IMDB who gives a better review of the movie than I could......

    AND, on the DVD special features is the Documentary about Munro, "Offerings to the God of Speed" which I'm watching a second time as I type this.

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    I saw/touched that LSR Indian at a M/c show at Ventura,CA. It was unrestored at the time, must have been in the mid-'80s.

    For those so inclined, search youtube for The World's Fastest Indian. Many clips and the trailer will come up.
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    The Motorcycle Diaries

    Sr. Eleanor at Sacred Heart Monastery has a 2 movies per month Netflix subscription, she called Monday and said to come by, I just had to see "The Motorcycle Diaries", a Robert Redford produced, English subtitled adventure.

    "It has a lot of four letter words, but a marvelous story" she said. She wasn't there when I picked it up Thursday, but Sr. Mary Ruth was, and said there was a Rocinante reference early, and a "newspaper" scene that popped up a third of the way in, which one of the elderly sisters (who doesn't really know me, but has heard of my adventures) said "isn't that what your friend on the bike keeps doing?"

    From Wiki:
    First half, the funny half, IS true to the theme of a barely charted out adventure. If you know of any other moto-adventure movies the Sisters would enjoy (NOT Easy Rider), please pipe in. They are really into non-fiction nowadays, Sr. Eleanor is searching for stories with relevancy and courage, but I think if she were 50 years younger, she would get on a motored bike....

    Some UK viewer provides the synopsis:

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  4. That's one of my favorite movies. I love it when Hopkins made his own piston.
    That movie ruled huge.
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    yea i have watched this movie at least 5 times i build my own "sacrafices to the god of speed" shelf ive got quite a bit up there
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    cool bike, a couple of mates worked on building the replicas for the movie.

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  7. Okay I'm staring at all the pics and I don't see any pedals. Where are they?
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    ck. out long way around---abfab---gnarley
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    Great movie- I'll take a speed seeking New Zealander over a murderous communist any day.
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    bamabikeguy, not meaning to change the subject but I ran into someone said he knew you this week. We were at Mountain Lakes in Guntersville, he saw my bike and came over for a chat. Unfortunately his name escapes me.
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    Try geting the Bravo series "The Long Way Round" it's beyond unbbelievable... Around the world on two wheels... It just so powerful.
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    ok, i'm gonna see this movie. where's the pedals and how big's the engine?
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    Thanks Houghmade. I'm a newby from the far north of Newzealand. There is a bit of Munro in too. Homage to the god of speed.
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    I am a huge fan of Tony (Anthony Hopkins to the rest of you :) ), and I don't know why I have never seen "The World's Fastest Indian". I have added and moved it to the top of my Netflix queue thanks to this thread.
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    I read somewhere that Hopkins said it was his favorite part.

    From the Wiki:

    Hopkins stated that Munro was one of the easiest roles that he has ever played in his career, simply because Munro's view on life was not all that different from his own.

    Munro's children visited the set one day, when, according to director Roger Donaldson, "Tony (Anthony Hopkins) was having a particularly good Burt day". His performance was so authentic that it moved them to tears

    The Welsh-born Hopkins did not employ the kind of Kiwi accent which the real Munro would have had - the review in The New Zealand Herald said that "his vowels swoop from the Welsh valleys to the high veldt without ever alighting in Southland" [Munro's home region of New Zealand]. Nevertheless the same reviewer said Hopkins gives a "generous, genial and utterly approachable performance... he nails the backyard eccentric genius dead centre... he has inhaled the nature of a mid-century Kiwi bloody good bloke and he inhabits the part to perfection"
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