An old Grubee Skyhawk (2011)

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    hello fellow motor bicycle enthusiasts!

    I have an old 2011 Grubee skyhawk gt5 that I put maybe 300 miles on or so back then before the pineapple sprocket bent my wheel and I converted to electric.

    Now I'm reviving the project. The engine has sat on the bike since 2011 in a shed, untouched and unused.

    I tested what I could, attempting to get it to start and upon numerous inspections found a faulty CDI, clutch, carb, exhaust, throttle handle, and a few gaskets. And of course the sprocket on the back but that I knew.

    So I purchased a machined mount from bikeberry (wrong size because my dumbass didn't measure) ::side note, anyone looking for a 1.5 inch mount and 36tooth sprocket PM me.::
    Then purchased a CDI, intake, carb, expansion exhaust, and shift kit, among other things. ::also wrong intake, mine is apparently wide mounted...manic mechanic intake, want it? PM me.

    After reading what I could from this forum and YouTube videos and the like, I've now realized I have an unbalanced crank. But beside that, I was going to take the motor apart best I could to replace gaskets and clean up burrs and old carbon deposits.

    I cannot get the top end off. And I'm afraid to break it. I've taken off the head, the gasket, all the screws in the engine on the left and right side (haven't taken off anything to do with the gear cover on right side however)

    Can someone help me out in that? Maybe a place to hit, clamp, etc?

    Also a mention...any place I can get a 'balanced' crank made for these engines? Or should I probably just ride til it dies and get a new one?

    Thanks for all your help, both in 2011 and now haha

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    So, what won't come off? The cylinder? Have you ever had the cylinder off before? It could just be painted on from the factory idk if these engines had that (generic eBay engines do) or had gasket sealer put on it. Does the engine turn? I mean the piston isn't seized up, right? So what could possibly hold the jug on apart from gasket sealer... I'd just give it a knock with a rubber mallet, it's what I did to break the paint seal on my ebay engine.
  3. Thanks

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    yes basically the top half, the finned section, I called it top half because when I was browsing purchases that is how they're listed.

    Everything inside functions as normal, piston moves, engine isn't seized...just wanted to replace the gasket because it's been sitting in a shed for 4 years.

    I'll try the rubber mallet or something similar - thanks for your help.
  4. 45u

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    Yes lightly tap it with a rubber mallet.