An unusual lighting setup.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Email, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Someone linked this on another bicycle forum, looks interesting and I wanted to share. It might be another way to stand out from the rest of traffic at night. I'm thinking of getting some for my commuter bike (I ride early morning hours to avoid heavy traffic flow).

    EDIT: For search tags, the company is Monkey Electric (should have searched before I posted to see if anyone else had already, but a search after showed no other hits). The kit is only $65 and the cool thing from the about page is:Monkeylectric LLC was founded by Dan Goldwater in 2007. Previously, Dan was a founder of Squid Labs and Instructables. Dan has been an avid cyclist for 20 years. How cool is that!
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    those are pretty cool

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    Its a pic microcontroller running LED's off its ports. Made them years ago, you can use 2 wire bicolours to make orange or red or green. There is some instructions for making your own around somewhere, but most of them use a hall effect sensor and a magnet to determine the RPM, which determines the timing for the display. If you want to go nuts you could use RGB LED's on something like an '877.

    I used a SMD PIC and SMD LED's to make something far smaller and lighter than these. Biggest pain is getting the power to run them... They chew through batteries if you want major brightness.
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    WOW! Those things are sweet! A bit pricey though but if the quality is there probably totally worth it. I could see getting pulled over really fast by running these in my home state though. Considering my MB is a "moped" here and registered as such.
    I'd probably risk it in some places for those wild patterns though :)
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    They might get into the rear motor sprocket or the chain on a happy time. I don't know how they would do at 30mph either. May come loose and jamb up something. They do look cool on a bike though.

    Maybe you should wear a jacket with blinking Xmas lights all over it.

    Just joking.