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    "Floating" = Riding a motorized bicycle

    When you see a bicycle propelling itself uphill (or level terrain) without the rider pedaling, it's called floating.


    My gf and I were doing our normal trip on our matching FDs, I was talking to a guy in a truck who was sorta stalking me for several hundred feet. So i was talking to him and his wife when the wife spotted my gf coming around the bend on hers. Wife said ''OOooo she FLOATIN'.

    Keep in mind this couple had never seen a motorized bike ever, and that was the first description she had for it. How bout yous? vote up or down? (For the parents in here, view discretion is advised for this particular UD page)

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    guess that would work......not to be confused with the sensation created between leaving the bike and hitting the ground. :ack2: