analog speedometer accuracy quesion

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dotcom, Jan 26, 2015.

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    What size are your wheels. The speedometer wants 26" or 27" wheels. Yours must be smaller.
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    twenty six
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    those things are consistently 30% high. nothing to do about it but print a new faceplate for it
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    my 1960's speedwell one works ok on 20" wheels...

    theyre all wheel diameter dependent. a 27" will just get faster and fasteer with smaller wheels...a 20" model will just get slower and slower with larger wheels...

    reprinting the face plate is a good idea though ;) even laminate the little cutout so its weatherproof...
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    Tried the same one with mine on these... almost 20 mph over, tried a 26" on the front and got about 10 over estimated. I doubt these we're intentionally supposed to be accurate. I do however like the idea of the fix you guys mentioned about replacing the measurements with another print out. I'm waiting on a mag, replaced the factory cdi and mag but, the mag got moister due to the well hidden pinched gasket i had issues with. I'm Looking Forward to next week though. Should have it all back and ready to hit the road. I switched frames because this frame warped due to it being aluminum. I did put in a set of rear brakes after these pictures we're taken.

    10363594_752033378225059_3752414912288070655_n.jpg 10603275_752028451558885_8115699446773361518_n.jpg