Analog speedometer...?

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  1. Mr.B.

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    I know there's been a lot of complaints that the retro style speedometers don't hold up to the rigors of motored bicycles but I'm curious what part actually fails?

    I have a good looking vintage one I'd like to use & I assume it's better quality than the modern repro's, but the cable is pretty short...

    So I'm thinking of just using the cable & perhaps driver gear from a new one.

    Bad idea?

    What say you...

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  2. azbill

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    the nylon/plastic gear inside stripped on mine 4 years ago...
    been using digital ever since
  3. Karryhunt

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    Well, I have been using this one and not one bit of trouble after 165 miles. Its easy to read and is very accurate. It is designed for a 26 -27" bike.

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  4. Mr.B.

    Mr.B. Member

    Thanks for the replys.

    Sounds like the driver gear holds up better than the speedometer internals...(?)

  5. loquin

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    The chrome (not black) Whizzer speedo holds up well. It's expensive, though.
  6. ejp2fast

    ejp2fast New Member

    how much are those?
  7. Karryhunt

    Karryhunt Member

    I paid too much for this one because I didn't take the time to check around. You can find them for under $20.