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    I thought i would try one of the analog speedometers on my bike and see how it goes. As best as i can tell it reads about 10 mph fast. I base that on my FD with a Zenoah G430 and what i see on the Gear Rat . At 5500 rpms i should be going 18.41 mph. the speedometer says 28 mph. Just thought anyone else might like to know what i found out. My reading about right. I have a 1.125 drive roller.

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    I over looked it when i bought it from e-bay but it reads in Kilometers not mile per hour. My Bad. 30 Kilometers= 18.641 mph.
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    How can you live with only going 18mph????
    I had a bike with a bad motor (never really figured out why lol) that it would max out at 25mph and that sucked trying to get somewhere!

    I have a road that I follow that's about 10miles, on that bike it would take about half an hour.... I also have a another bike that maxed out 37mph and could do that road in about 10-15 minutes depending on how ballsy I am;)
    Them turns are awful at fast speeds:p

    I'm curious to know if the tach will actually work on those spedometers, or do they even have a tach?
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    My bike max is 30mph. I ride around 20 to 25 most of the time. The tach. is a induction tach and is not part of the speedometer. I only used the 18mph as a example. As the need for speed hits me i just jump on my Yamaha Road Star 1700cc. turn it loose.
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