And for my next trick... I will break my primary form of transportation..

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  1. Qui Gon-Jinn

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    So it's a slow day/week for me.

    replaced stock kickstand with dual leg. this was like day and night.

    Had a few hours to kill (wife doing her work from home job gig) so I thought I would do some maintenance things.. Got a good degreaser and sprayed down the frame and rear wheel. then rinsed it. Got out the chain lube and lubed up both chains.. (With the new dual kickstand I can get the bike up high enough to have the rear wheel off the ground and start the bike) then I decided to look at the carb and see where the pin is set.

    Getting it apart.. no problem. clip is in slot 2 of 5.

    Was going to put it in 3 (Phoenix is not very high in elevation) so I did that but couldn't get it to go back together to save my life. Pin just didn't quite line up.

    Seems the secret is to disconnect fuel line, pull the carb off the intake, and look down the intake side, getting it all lined up and it slides together nicely.

    Maybe next week I will try to adjust the clip again. I ended up with it back in slot 2.

    See what the week brings. I may be headed out of town. Grandfather is 83.. had a heart attack.

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    You'll have the clip adjusted and put back together in a couple minutes without removing anything eventually, just keep at it. Pay close attention to how it looks when you pull it out.