And the Rebuild Begins

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Oct 9, 2006
Crisfield Maryland
The frame finally arived and I went right to work installing the new crank bearings. I bought barefoot pedals , there just black rubber , to go on the crank but there not here yet. As I installed the bearings I realized I forgot to buy a crank sprocket. Duh.I'll use the old one until I deside. The seat I have is 14" x14" and I added an extra 2 " of foam and recovered it using an old black leather jacket that nolonger fit and added 2 chrome loops for a tool bag on the back. Tomorrow I'll install the Monarch Springer front end andthe HD Worksman wheels with Augi's Bontrager (Earl) tires. The rims are chrome 26"x2" with 10 guage spokes. The new 36 tooth sprocket hasn't arived yet but I got time . I'm also gonna paint just the jug black so the engine will stand out more in the chrome frame. I got the center double type kick stand ( black) and new chrome fenders to cut to fit. I also ordered one of those bent seat posts with the brace to help hold up my fat ass... I like the seat farther back so I can utalize the cool bent handel bars that I got last summer. . Still gotta work out the lights and find one of those hard leather tool bags. The round kind for behind the seat. Well I'm workin on it... tom in WV
Well its back on its feet and half lookin like a bike again. The first problem was the Head Set. The new frame comes striped down to bare bones. The two cups for want of a better word that the fork bearings ride in have to be pressed in. I've done it several times at the old shop but here I'm working with hand tools and don't have a press.Now you would think you could use a block of wood and a hammer and smack it done but NoNONo...... That ain't happnin...Ok get a three pound hammer and ???? Well maybe it could be done. I used a 10 inch C clamp and a huge washer and put the squizze on it and it worked. The really hard part is to line it up evenly with just two hands and its a five hand job. Anyway an hour later they were both in place and the forks went on. Front and rear wheels and center stand to hold it up. Handel bars seat and gas tank are in place and it looks good . I like the Beach cruiser frame for its shape but it does present a few problems. Like its set up for coaster breaks only and I want both so I gotta work that out but over all it sure looks better than the old mountain bike frame from the junkyard that I was riding.Later WV
Tom, I use a small sledge and two blocks of wood to set in the races, never had a problem ( one block for the bottom one for the top) . I also use a long punch and hammer to take them out. Old leather cowboy boots with the soles and heels removed make an almost custom formed seat cover, have fun with your build!

One thing I gotta change is my gear ratio. Not the engine sprocket I ordered the 36 tooth and may go as low as a 32 if I can get in the machine shop for an hour or so but I'm now talkin about the pedal side. The low gears I've used all summer are more to just start the engine but I need to do more real riding for my health. The Back hub is a 22 tooth and I was using a 32 on the front. Thats pretty low my friend and only results in a crusin speed of 8 to 10 MPH. If I ever have to pedal all the way home it could take a long time at those speeds. I have some old stacked sprockets from mountain bikes I can drill the rivits out of and pick a larger one till I see the one I want in the E/stores.Maybe a 42 or 44. I want it to have a good crusin speed yet not be too hard to pedal from a stop. I've been thinkin about the two speed set up that you pedal backwards a full turn and it shifts to the other gear. I forget what they call it but its done with two sprockets and is not a hub...... Well I can't wait till tomorrow to get the bike runnin again....... T in WV
Today the rebuild was a little slow. It was cold and windy so I had to move everything into the greenhouse for shelter. Its an unheated building and still quite cold. I painted the engine jug black heat proof paint in doors in the spare room . I reinstalled it today and worked out the caliper rear brake and finished that. the only things left are the pedals and sprocket and both chains and the fenders that I'm not sure about. I have a new chrome set but I also have an old black set. I'm still waiting on the 32 tooth and new seat post and bare foot pedals. Also new intake manifold and steal motor mount caps. also .I'll have it running soon. Its supposed to snow a bunch tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the test ride with the Bontrager "Earl's" on it and a good snow to dig thru. T in WV