Annual Whizzer ride Vancouver WA. Sept 19th

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  1. Road82

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    I don't think this has been mentioned. The annual whizzer ride in Vancouver Wa. is Sept 19th.

    Is anyone going? Are motored bikes required to have rear lights in Washington? I have one on the front and that's it for now. And are helmets required? I'm planning on going, went a couple years ago, before i had my bike so i didn't ride :icon_cry:.

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  2. bill green

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    Hi Aaron Its A gerat ride and use a helmet . No lights needed but not A bad idea... See you there ... Bill Green ..See flyer

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  3. Dynno

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    Hey!! that sound cool

    I have heard that is nice ride to be part of. Hopefully I will be attending with some friends form JNMotors team visit there website they very cool things and they are local. Hope to see you all at the swap...