Anolog Speedometer review.



it doesn't matter who i bought my speedo from, they're all the same ones.

i have 320 miles on mine.

i was warned about the lower cog shattering at speed, but that didn't happen.

i knew to keep the cable as straight as possible, it's performing well.

the odometer seems to be working & it appears as accurate as can be expected.

the speed indicator is screwy, at about 250 miles it started burying as soon as i hit 10mph. that condition only got worse. fugget about it.

long story short: the "basic" 26/27 retro speedometer just isn't built for sustained speed. having the odometer has been a huge benefit during break-in.

i think i'm gonna put a digital on it, but install the display inside the retro case. new mirrors 1st tho, oh well.



This is a good idea to have a reveiw of different products, to help others from wasting their money on products that is not ment for what we are using them for or just plain defective.


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Dec 15, 2006

I have the same prob with my analog speedo goes nuts as soon as it hits 30 but the odometer is very handy



my favorite speedometer

I highly recommend the Bell Spin Fit speedometer. It has lots of functions like odometer, avg speed, max speed, etc. One nice thing is that you can reset the trip odometer without resetting the main odometer. When you replace the battery, you can program in how many miles you already have on your bike, and it will start counting again from there.

Also, there is a formula you can use to get accurate readings from any size tire. It comes with a list of codes for standard size tires, but if you have an odd size tire, you measure it and do some math, then you enter the final number into the speedometer for the right speed readings.

Oh yeah, and it's really inexpensive. They have them where I live at Kmart and miscellanious sporting goods stores for about 15-20 dollars.

I installed the same black and chrome speedometer on all 3 motorized bikes I built and they are reliable and work great. (this place is about $22 with shipping to southern California)



i also have an analog speedometer, and it just went by 101 miles today, and it doesn't bury as far as i know.... i can go downhill and it'll read up to 40-45 on the speedo, but i dunno how accurate that is...



Still working after over a year and about 500 miles of riding...



final update on the demise of my anolog got to the point where the needle spun all the way around whenever i was moving, the odometer finally quit, too, then the needle broke off and the orange hub still spins.

hehe, fun while it lasted...the plan is to get the bell digital, sold locally for $20, and mount it in the anolog housing to maintain the look 8)