Another 12 volt light setup

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Ozi, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Ozi

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    Hiya guys and gals...

    Just thought I'd share a 12v light setup Im using.

    55 watt halogen spot beam, about 3.5 inch dia.
    2 x 4.5a batts. parallel = 9ah
    charger 2.25a + float

    Ive only just put this all together just recently and have yet to Install a permanent switch, also have to sort the charger plugs out.

    I ride 10 mins. to work, 10 mins back home. Both in the dark and have to say the light output/beam spread is pretty cool. Cars actually stop and wait for me to go past. :grin5:

    I plug the charger in and top the batts. up every couple of days.


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    PAPAROACH Member

    Great setup for fighting zombies. You will sure blind them. My Question is if they make a light the same size but smaller volt. I like the light housing you have and mounting set up. It looks strong and as i have the vibration king of bikes i will need something strong and not made in china. Thanks :cool:
  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I'll testify!!

    I've used a 55 watt automotive light before and cars DO show a lot of respect.

    I got tired of lugging the battery around. But it looks like yours is a bit more convenient than mine.
  4. hammer5312

    hammer5312 Member

    You could add a small Solar cell to the top of you pack and let it charge them for you.
    I've got some little six volt batteries out of a Coleman Camping product that are sealed Lead acid, I was going to use them, since they are about the size of two cigarette packs...
  5. V 35

    V 35 Member

    Tell us more about the Coleman Pack ... Grubee Engines have a 6 vt lighting coil
    [ the not used, white Wire ]
  6. fleebell

    fleebell Member

    I tried a couple of those on my trike (small round 55w car fog lamps) They really worked well but my battery couldn't take it for long so I switched over to the led car type fog lights. No where near as much light but still plenty for me at the speeds I ride. 10 amps versus .3 amps. My battery was a lot happier!
  7. fleebell

    fleebell Member

    I would leave it unused too. It takes power away from the engine.
  8. fleebell

    fleebell Member

    You can find a 35 watt at 12v but I've never seen a 6 volt version of any of them and I looked for a couple of hours on the web a few weeks ago and never found anything except for high power led types.
  9. happyjourney

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    where did you get that light? did it come with the mount? is there a 35 watt version?
  10. fleebell

    fleebell Member

    It looks like a truck light to me. I'm using mini led fog lights from Autozone on my trike.

    You can get those halogen bulbs in a lot of places if you want a smaller wattage in a car fog lamp. I found this one a few minutes ago that even has them in 6 volt. Surprised me too. I wish I had found this place about 6 months ago.