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    Hello all. I've been reading the posts on this site for a few days (and nights) now and thought it was time to join and introduce myself.
    My name is Steve and I hail from Nowra, NSW, on the mid East coast of Australia.
    I built my first motorised bike a few weeks ago, an Australian ZBox 66cc motor in a new Malvern Start 'Octane' 21" frame.
    A couple of points for others:-
    Off the shelf, after properly sealing the carb to inlet connection, it was running rich so I lowered the slide needle to it's lowest setting and while at it, replaced the standard plug with an NGK B5HS set at 0.6mm. I also opened up the engine end of the inlet tube to more closely match the inlet port and made a new gasket to suit. After reading a few posts on this site, I also moved the clutch arm in a couple of notches on it's spline and put cable ties at the spoke junctions on the sprocket side of the rear wheel. I got a 40-tooth rear sprocket from ZoomBicycles in Canada but won't fit it until the engine's run in. It should provide about a 10% increase in top speed. At this point, the engine's about half run in and starting to loosen up and run well.
    I decided to fit lights and speedo and there the trouble started. The cheap bike computer that I first bought, (from eBay), would continuously reset while the engine was running. (Worked well the rest of the time.) I tried using shielded cable to the sensor and shielding around the speedo/computer unit, grounded to the engine, but couldn't cure it.
    The cheap headlight that I first bought was no good either. The engine vibration kept turning it off, every few seconds.
    Yesterday, I got a Cateye VELO5 bike computer and a Cateye HL-500 Halogen light from eBay. Problems solved. The light is great, doesn't cut out and much brighter than LED lighting and the speedo works like a dream.
    So far, I'm a happy camper.
    ... Steve

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    Welcome to MBc. Lots of Aussies on the forum, you're in good company.