another coaster brake question

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    I am getting a new front wheel with a sturmey archer drum brake (,shop.browse/category_id,52/Itemid,1/ )...bottom of page ...and want to know if it will damage my back rim to run it without a coaster brake arm. I am going to cut the original to washer size as a spacer and will run bike with front brakes alone, Roland assures me they will stop more than I can go :grin:

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    he's right, but use caution while you re-learn how to stop the bike...front brakes only can result in a lot of owwies, 'specially if you get a front flat :eek:
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    a little more

    Thanks Augi , I forgot to mention this question was about my Deviate... at 7.5 ft long and with the rake of the forks I don't think even I could endo haha

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    yeah, that do make a difference :lol:
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    Yeah, you can definitely tear stuff up by just removing the brake arm. If you happened to pedal backwards, it would activate the coaster brake, and without the arm in place, the axle will rotate with wheel and start chewing up metal.

    You will need to "unbrake" your wheel to convert it to a freewheel hub before you remove the brake arm.

    Instructions are here (I have tested this and it works):
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    With your chopper, I would be more concerned about locking up the front wheel. I have the Nirve Switchblade, and most of my weight is on the back wheel. This is due to the long rake on the front forks and the seat being slightly on top of the back wheel.

    With most of the weight in the back, it would be easy to lock up the front wheel, and that can have an adverse affect on your ability to keep the bike upright (to put it mildly).
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    loose gravel & the front brake do not mix.
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    thanks :)

    Thanks Blaze exactly the info I needed

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    I'm glad I could help. I need to have a use for all of this motorized bicycle info collecting in my head.
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    more info needed

    I am confused by the unbrake thing
    do I leave out shoes or just add spacers i dont want to destroy my perfectly good (as in brand new) rim

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  12. azbill

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    fixed :)

    I did it ! It works , Since I couldn't find washers to fit over clutch spring, and it will be pedaled so little, all I did was remove brake shoes and put it back together.
    It is really tricky to take apart a hub with no cone wrenches or full brake arm haha it took me over an hour to do but about a min to put it back together :)

  13. Blaze

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    You need to get some washers from a hardware store to complete the conversion. The washers are necessary, and they will probably cost you about a dollar for two of them. I tried just removing the brake shoes once, and it worked for a while, then the internals started doing wierd things.

    For this conversion, it is important that you follow ALL of the instructions, not just some of them. If you skip the part about adding the washers, you will probably end up with a failed hub sooner or later. A failed hub could end up slipping and not working at all, or it could lock so that it can't freewheel any more. You don't want either.
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    Can i have your coaster brake arm???

    I am working on my first bike and I couldn't get the arm off. Not knowing about coaster break mechanics i hacked it off! :sweatdrop:LOL. It was a good lesson for me, don't hack without knowing, but now I am out a brake arm and I can't find a replacement. My bike is a Huffy Cranbrook, the brake arm is Falcon, the hole is long and ovular (circular on the outer edges flat across top and bottom.

    I will pay for postage! Thanks,

  15. azbill

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    wow, was this an oldie :)
    you should be able to get a coaster brake arm from any bicycle shop