Another Comedy Review.....Ron White

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  1. srdavo

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    George Carlin Review

    One night only!!!
    Parsons, Kansas


    We have 10th row seats!
    I am outta here..................... :lol:
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    carlin rocks dude !!!
    enjoy :D :D :D
  3. srdavo

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    Carlin Review

    The opening Act:
    A Jazz singer/songwriter/guitarist, Vance Gilbert, , opened the show with original songs & comedy. His vocal range was immense. He mimicked several "horn" sounds. (muted trumpet, etc) The dude purposely sang one song for soooo long that the crowd began talking among themselves, so he added to his lyrics, "please be quiet back there......I'm working hard up here." At one point, Gilbert, (a light-skinned black man) claimed to be Vance Carlin, George's illegitimate son, whom he blackmailed for this gig.
    "Gilbert's burnished voice poured over one purling, liquid melody after another, over an accompaniment of tender arpeggios and supple chord progressions." Chicago Tribune
    The reason I talk so much about the opener is because I had to sit thru you gotta hear about it. :lol:

    The Headliner:
    George's act is about 4 months old. He used notes....but he said the notes were for he didn't do a half-a**ed job! At 69 years old, he prides himself at being an "old ****". He says it's great to be able to blame "forgetting" things on his poor memory. And he can get away from any situation by just saying, "I'm tired". But,'s Brunch! :D
    Now, I'm not gonna do his whole act here...but he told 3 of the grossest, disgusting, sickening, tasteless jokes. We all heard Jr. high school......real groaners. This was mainly for shock value....& it seemed to work. He discussed past 1st Ladies, Religion/death, sex, a new bit on condoms (very funny), Politics (G.W. for the most part) & with the frequent use of the F word, I would estimate 1/2 of this crowd was offended before the show was over. It was great. :lol: :lol:

    If you are in need of a fun evening.....Catch his show when he comes to town.
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    I've been a fan of Carlin since his "Carlin on Campus" show was aired on HBO back in the early eighties. My friend and I snuck out of bed and to the family room, to watch this, and boy was it hard to keep quiet, but it was a matter of life and death that we keep it quiet as his folks would have given us the devil if we had been caught up that late, and worse yet, watching "that foul man"!
    Great memories of those youthful escapades...
    He (carlin) just gets funnier to me as time goes on!
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    That's one funny guy. I remember listening to him on 8 track in the seventies, you know, back when Saturday Night Live was funny.
  6. srdavo

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    Ron White

    Ron White Tonight

    Miami, Oklahoma
    Buffalo Run Casino

    This is gonna be fun!!
  7. srdavo

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    tater salad!!!!

    Ladies & Gentlemen....... Ron White !!!!!

    :lol: Man!!!! :lol:
    I laughed so hard, it hurt!!

    Sorry, but I can't share a lot of this show with y'all.
    This guy broke more rules than MBc's has!!!:lol:
    political correctness was "out the window" too!

    the opening act, Alex Reymundo was a hoot! google his name...impressive!

    Ron White did all new material...had some political insights....very practical "redneck" thinking. (I'd vote for him!! ;) )
    He's even got a new bit about his English Bulldog. :lol: Every bit as funny as his last.

    Some guy, (not me....really. :p...I wanted to yell "Gitter done!!!!:lol:) started yelling "Tater Salad" repeatedly. Ron just grinned & said "I don't do that bit any more. If you're bored...go watch TV."

    If you are not easily offended & need to laugh for a couple hours.....go see this guy.
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    Ron White by far is the best (funniest) comedian to date. Just looking at him with those glazed eyes makes me laugh. IMO the funnies line from him was He had the right to remain silent , but didn't have the ability. lolol. I would like to meet him in person someday.
  9. Bean Oil

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    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    The girl and I love to watch his stuff on comedy tv... all the blue collar comedy crew, in fact.

    Sound like good advice...