Another Day in America

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    what does it say to you mike?
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    Everyday Miracles


    I'm just astounded that every day in America (and everywhere around the world) such amazing stories are common place and are happening right under our noses with little or no fanfare. Too many "everyday miracles" go by unnoticed or get took for granted. So many unsung heros out there.
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    my father is intered at Tahoma National Cemetary outside seattle. i go quite often to visit dad and brother david. they have from four to ten military buriels every day. it is a splendid and manacured monument to the men and women who signed on so we still get to speak english. these places have tens of thousands of stories. i meet the docents often and allways come away with a sense of awe and wonder at who gave so much. i recommend visiting a nat. cem. many of the new graves are of people being moved from other private and church yards around the country.
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    It sounds like we all owe your father and brother a great debt of gratitude.
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    im no ones hero but between my dad, myself and two brothers are fourty five years of service. when i came home in the sixties i would take magazines and other small tokens to the v.a. hospital very near ucla. it was dirty and smelly. i now use the services of the va hospital in seattle. it is fresh, clean and airy. im thankful for it. i fall right into sometimes deep conversations there. the fellowship is very rewarding.
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    Well Stude I must add you to the list along with your father and brother ... and we all do owe you and your family a very great debt. I'd like to sincerely thank you for your service. It goes without saying that all who serve are heros.
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    While I am not certain that ALL who serve are heroes, I do believe that all who serve honorably are. I live 5 blocks from the local VA hospital here in Shreveport, and a lady I was dating is a patient there for physical therapy, dealing with loss of her left foot and left hand to an IED in Iraq. She remains a friend, and I see her every week or two.

    She introduced me to the man in charge of physical therapy there, and at his request I've met with patients dealing with the loss of a hand, helping them to learn to cope with their "handicap" and most importantly, to try to show them that they are no less a man for the loss of a limb.

    I tried very hard to get into the Air Force in 1973, and was finally turned down by the Secretary of Defense, Elliot Richardson. I believe that lip service to the sacrifices, acknowledging them is to be encouraged. Even more importantly, showing those sacrifices mean something to you by giving of yourself to aid those dealing with them would mean immensely more.
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    Great work Simon. Our veterans need more people like you.
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    Way to go Simon.
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    Hope Sherman gets some young stuff to counsel; against war; before he kicks the bucket... Sherman was a pawn in their game like all the dupes that was in the Korean, or Vietnam, or Iraq war; that the evil defence contractor scum bag war profiteers start, promote,and profit from; while waving their stolen American flags...Arrest the Bush/Obama war profiteer crime cartel, aka Multinational Defense Contractors for crimes against humanity! i am trying to wake up brainwashed zombies that think that CNN or FOX is news; it's 100% war profiteer propaganda; as is 99% of mass media...
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    So infowarrior, what is your other account here at MBc? :whistling:
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    you are unemployed -- I think that I undersatnd why

    ok big boy -- what news do you watch ??

    you may just be too darn good for this site in your own mind

    want to stay happy -- go talk and listen to your bathroom mirror

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    Those evil scumbags pay well, I can afford a house and food and a new car and a GEBE and guess what I even pay taxes !!!!
    Do you pay any taxes ???? Prob not!!!!!!
    Those who contribute the least ***** the most !!!!
    oh yea guess what Iam also a Veteran... Have you ever served !!!!
    not talking about the all you can buffet !!!
    If it wasn't for the defense contractors you would be speeking russian now..
    Conrad !!!! But I guess with your marksist views you would like that....
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    yeah its sad to hear stories like this and to see what the countries coming dad was in vietnam.he drove a deuce and a half.i guess thats what u call it.
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    Infowarrior is just having fun. I wonder if he ever found a bike for his motor.
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    my dad told me a story.he said he was coming down a mountian one time and there was a trash truck or some kinda truck in front of him going real slow.he started hearing bullets bounce of his truck so he pushed that trash truck off the side of the mountian.
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    I don't think someone is a "marxist" just for opposing the korean war. I think it's just a convenient name to call someone who disagrees with you.

    I liked the sentimental story though. Small town schools often have a lot of really nice people.