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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by duste01, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Hey to all,

    I have to admit, Im impressed with the things I see here. I have had ideas for some time about how to do some hyper mile-ing and having fun with the kids. My name is Dusty, I reside in Lexington area of Ky. I'm the son of an aerospace engineer, lived coast to coast. I have many passions and hobbies, including anything mechanical; cars (flatheads and hotrods), bikes, flywheels, steam engines, rockets. I have been wanting to put some ideas to task. I dont know if this would be the place to start off throwing stuff out, so I wont, but I will be shortly putting some stuff out there for everyone.

    So hey! Dusty

  2. graucho

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    Welcome Dusty. Glad your here and id like to hear whatever ideas you have. Enjoy.
  3. duste01

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    Thank You Graucho, I will be glad to share. I have been associated with other forums such as the jockey journal, Jalopy Journal (The Hamb), spyderchat, and tried with the totegote site, but I dont think anyone is home there. As soon as I find the right spot for my info I'll post them on up. I didnt know this site existed, but i have been working at this stuff for years. Dusty
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    welcome Dusty

    your intro sounds interesting -- looking forward to hearing more from you

    get a motor bike and ride that thing
  5. duste01

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    The first thing I threw out there isnt on a thread. Its in the form of a picture given as a detailed description of a over/ under variable drive train system. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. It is a drawing of a typical 5 horse with a variable 103-22.3 to 1
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    Welcome to the forum. It thrives on ding-a-lings with odd ideas.
  7. Inside all of us there is a DING-A-LING waiting to get out