Crashes another fatal motor bike crash

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    According to what I heard on the news last night a man on a motorized bicycle was killed at around 5:30AM Sunday morning. He apparently was drunk or had been drinking. The news cast said he 'reeked of alcohol'. There were no cars involved, he just lost control and hit a stone or concrete wall. This happened behind my bank where the ATM and drive through banking window is. I haven't heard anything further but haven't had news on today nor have I read the newspaper yet.
    Just another reminder that alcohol and wheels do not mix. I'd be he was not wearing a helmet of any kind.

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    another fatal motorbike crash

    Well it must be but they sure have the locations mixed up, according to the news last night it happened at the Landmark Credit Union which is on about 4300 West National Avenue. I guess that would make it West Allis or West Milwaukee not sure where the boundries are. Now I'm totally confused. The two reports don't quite match.
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    It's a shame and I hope his family and friends are consoled.

    The 'reeked of alcohol' at 5:30 am is a strange thing for the news to report, the comments section on the news story link too.
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    There was nothing on the 6 or 10 pm news tonight. I still don't know which story is correct. Has me wondering if my ears are working right. Perhaps eventually the whole story will be clear.
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    I'll keep my eyes peeled, too.

    I know it wouldn't have been the guy who rides the Schwinn chopper to the Klement's on my street-- he doesn't look 53, and I think I last saw him more recently than the 6th