Tubes another flat HELP!!HELP!!!HELP!!!

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    first i wanna say great site and thanks.

    i'm learning, and i have searched this topic but it seems all the info is 2 or 3 years old.

    after searching i fell like i might invest in armadillo tires, not interested in the solids. i was wondering if there is any thing newer or better.

    is there a way to search topic for latest info

    would search be something like (#1 tire -solidfills):confused:

    thanks again :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

    NO TIME FOR FLATS,thanks and let me no any thing i'am doing
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  2. darwin

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    I use thorn resistant tubes and nomore flats tire liners and havnt had a flat since. Before I did that i had 4 flats in 1 month and it sucks pushing the bike home up a huge steep hill.
  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    I run solid tires, personally, I love them.

    Armadillos are great though too - get those with double thick tubes and tire liners and you shouldn't need to ever worry about flats.
  4. Bob the boatbuilder

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    I also have been plagued with flats, and of course on the rear only, just so I have to break the drive chain at the master link and release the adjustment (tightening). I have just tried a tire from that has a foam insert molded into the tire. I chose the Marathon Plus Tour model. Not cheap but, if they work they will be worth it. Only 35 miles on them, but so far so good. Some of the road hazards I have managed to pick up would amaze you.

    Note in my post of solid tires I was not a happy camper. The idea seemed to good to be true! For my tires, I felt they almost came off the rim. I sent them back and am awaiting to see if/how much money I will get back. It would be acceptable to get a different set that snapped on the rim firmly and stayed put, but I have serious reservations. A few people seem very happy with the solid tires, I just wish they worked for me.
  5. DuctTapedGoat

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    Some rims seem to just not accept solid tires. The local Les Schwab tire shop out here sells Amerityre solid tires, and they will make sure your rim will accept it, and they will fit it and install it for you free as well.


    didn't i read somewhere that the schwalbetire had a problem with valve stem coming off' and i think it was that same tire.the bike shop said to put rubber cement in three places about 1" long on any type of kevlar or solid tire

    someone said something about a split bolt for the spokes to help with durability for use on the GEBE drive ring but i can't find it now can any help with this
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    Well, in all honesty, any reputable bike shop will only suggest you to get a travel pump and stay away from solid tubes and tires.


    they did, for speed purposes,but i asked their opinion and suggestions for basically the puncture proof tires not the solids.i figured it would apply to any heavey tire

    as for the split bolt ???, i found it
    they were talking about copper split bolt wire joiners (electrical)


    i forgot to mention that the bicycle shops don't like me anyway because of the motor but the motorcycle shops are cool when i go in to get my oil

    maybe its because thier arent that many MBrs in this town so the bike shops are snotty

    i havnt met any. i know their here because the lawn mower shop said they know of 1 and my wife said she saw one (could be the same)
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    Solid tires and tubes don't have valve stems, so traveling on the rim and causing valve stem damage isn't an issue.

    If you fill your tires to peak PSI you won't have to worry about them traveling, regardless of if they're heavy duty or not.

    What would you do with the split bolt? Lock them at the spokenut or where they cross?


    not really clear.i think they were putting on sspoke around drivering. they can be fitted for different gauge wires or spokes in this case.

    this is also added after the epoxy on spokes or some use super-glue.


    the guy that said this weighs 330 lbs so he is not worried about xtra lbs
  13. DuctTapedGoat

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    Hm. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure if it'll hold water.


    first read it posted by eco-speeder then found that he got it from roy carpenter in a post titled "snapping on spokering" on page 7 he puts a link that shows the bolt .

    sorry i didnt . i havent quite figured out how to quote from another thread or copy and paste a url address

    he also started a thread about spokes breaking which is prolly what lead to what i read.

    i will read this later

    if ur out their roy sounds like a good idea.

    this is also an issue for me becouse i'm 6'5" and 260 so i just like the security of the idea .

    i allready got GEBE high velocity rim and have to change out drivering now becouse i carelessly broke the edge, which is what started this.

    glad i read all this then called GEBE, i never would of known to put epoxy,superglue,jbweld or split bolts on it.

    not quite sure but this might just be the issue with the bigger spokes:confused::confused:
  15. DuctTapedGoat

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    Well, if you're interested in security of your wheel - you'll want to pursue alternative driven sprocket methods such as clamshell adapters, hd axle kits, disc wheels, etc.