Tubes Another Freakin' flat tire!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Marktur, May 13, 2008.

  1. Marktur

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    OK, I don't get it...
    I just replace the tube from yesterday with a Schwinn Self-sealing tire, rode about 1 mile, and I have a flat again.

    I'm running 35psi...when I changed the tube last night, I didn't see any nails or felt anything sharp inside the tire either. I ran my hand over the spokes where they come on the inside of the rim, and didn't feel anything sticking up, either.

    I am getting very problems with the motor kit...but I'm starting to feel like motors are for motorcycles, and bikes are for pedaling.

    Is this normal to have flat tires all the time? Any suggestions?


  2. loquin

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    How did you replace the tube? You have to be very careful not to pinch the tube if you lever the tire onto the rim. Do you have rim tape over the spokes? Did you partially inflate the tire, then let the air out, massage the tube (through the tire) to make sure there aren't any 'kinks' in the tube, and then reinflate to full pressure?

    visit the bike repair site referenced here for more tips
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  3. That would be my guess as well. I bet when you take that tube out and check for a leak you'll find the leak at a kink. Believe it or not,if you inflate that tube till it forms the doughnut shape you can actually reuse that tube and if you got rid of the kink it would actually seal up.
    But then again,a new slime tube is under 7 bucks.
    Next go around,inflate it a little and use your bare hands thru most of the install using only a lever when you absolutely cannot get that last inch of tire over.
  4. Marktur

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    OK...I'll do it again...I've changed lots of mountain bike tires over the years, and never seen this happen...maybe it's the extra large cruiser tires?

    Well, I bought a pair of Kevlar 26" Comfort bike tires (should be smoother than mountain bike knobbies)...apparantly they don't make kevlar cruiser tires...which is a bummer, cause I think the white-walls add to the retro look. I also bought a can of bike fix-a-flat to keep with me as well.

    Man, I hope I don't have to be nervous to venture too far from the house now.

    I'll report back tomorrow...stuck at work for now :(

  5. Zemus DE

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    yeah we call that a snake bite(literally looks like a snake bit the innertube) and is really common in inner tubes that are too big for the tire or visa-versa. Basically you'll see when you go to buy the inner tube it should say something like "for 26" x 1.75-2.15". Just make sure this number fits to what is written on the side of the tire.
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    Are the rim strips good? As mentioned above, I find it actually much easier to replace a tire with a little air in it. Don't give up on your bike- you'll get this solved and probably go a good long while with nothing more tha regualr maintenance.
  7. ghettobiker

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    flat tire

    i hate geting flats!!! my rear tire is so friggin hard to get off,with the ht chain,full cruser fender,coaster brake bracket,etc.when i get a flat,i want to throw my bike into on coming traffic. all that has changed since i put in tire liners. liners are flexable plastic that go between the tire and the tube. i had to trim excess liner with a utility knife with a new blade,boy was it tough! the company will give you a new liner,and a new tube,if you get a flat with their liners in. go to any bike shop and ask about them. best thing since sliced bread. fred.
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    Hi guys - thanks for the encouragement. I went to Walmart and bought 2 kevlar comfort tires...openend them up and one looks like the exact cruiser tire I have on the Moon Dog already, except blackwall instead of whitewalls, and the other one did not match..comfort tire - looked smaller, different tread. I think someone switched one out.

    I pulled out the tire, and pumped some air into it, and it was obvious...looked like a big oval-shaped section was funny, with a small hole at the creasemark, and it looked like another one was starting on the opposite side. My guess is that it was pinched since the hole was on top, just a few inches from the stem, so I know the orientation for sure. It wasn't flat from a spoke or from an out of the tire puncture.

    So I put a new Schwinn self-sealing tube in...partially inflated it, worked it by hand to be "up" in the tire, and it inflated quickly and easily compared to the one last night, too. It feels "right", just like the front one, so I'm going to try and stay with the whitewalls, and I'll get tire-liners ASAP.

    Pulled off the chainguard while the tire was off since I had quick and easy more clanking, either, so I'm looking foreward to my ride into work again tomorrow. :)
    We'll try it again...but I'll ride it around my development for a bit first just to be safe...

    OK, have a good nite!
  9. Marktur

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    Well....made it to work this morning! :)
    Also - on my second gallon of fuel now! My POS Speedometer keeps resetting...I should have bought the Schwinn one, but the other brand was half the price...but Junk. I'm guessing around 60-70 mpg for the break in gallon. (I filled it up with about 1/4 tank left in hard to know exactly....however, filling up my MDX last night costed me $85! $4.14 for Super. OUCH!

    I'm heading to the bike store at lunch to get liners for the tires...

    Thanks for the help, guys.
  10. Alaskavan

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    There's a thread around somewhere about electronic interference with speedos.
  11. Marktur

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    Naaa...this is just defective, I'm sure....It keeps resetting all by itself...even when the bike is not running. :)
  12. chrisnbush

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    Yes I had a problem with flats too. Turns out, using the old rubber spoke guard from another rim was a BAD idea, it moved around. But the big problem, I think was the 1 size fits all Walmart tube (no slime) which is too long for a 26" tire - I think they say for both 26" and 27". I ended up going to a tire shop (probably not somehting to admit) where they put on the CORRECT size innertube, and I noticed that they partially inflated it when installing as indicated above, also installed a new rim strip.

    I like the idea of Kevlar tire, but would also rather have a balloon tire, which I have been unable to find at walmart. Go figure.
  13. Marktur

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    Yeah, I like the whole retro-look of my cruiser with the big whitewalls...I just passed by the bike shop and picked up the Tuff inserts...which eliminates the need for the Kevlar tires...but I took some time looking at the expensive bikes there - HOLY MOLY - I thought my RC hobby was expensive! I saw some really killer $4000+ bikes there! Really nice, but way beyond the my scope for biking...but they're all dying to see my cruiser, so I'll ride it by there on the way home. :) (Cause it's COOL, right Large??? :))

    I still want to pick up a rear rack and some springer forks for the front, and then I'm done! I just need to do a bunch of research and try to find out if my forks are Schwinn compatible or not...the Kulana Moon Dog is made by Pacific, and they also make I'm hoping its the same animal with a different name. (Can anyone confirm this for me?)

    OK, really looking forward to my ride home! :)
  14. Marktur

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    Now the FRONT tire is flat!!!

    Guys, it's been fun...but I'm selling my bike. I cannot depend on it...have no clue as to why now the front tire went flat. I am not willing to put any more time or money into it. I will be changing the front tire out in a few minutes.

    Maybe my 215lbs is too much for it at 20mph?
    Maybe bikes should stay as bikes?

    I don't know...but the first $450 takes it (you have to come pick it up, and I will fix the tire and make sure it's 100% PERFECT.

    I have added to it:
    Schwinn Light: $15
    Schwinn Big-A$$ comfy seat: $20
    A large front zipper-bag: 20
    Speedometer: $15
    Protective tire inserts: $20
    Self Sealing Schwinn Tubes in the tires: $30
    Bike Fix-a-flat: $6

    I have $106 into for the Pacific Kulana Moon Dog bike itself.
    I have about $180 or so into the motor and kit. Everything works perfectly.

    It is built meticulously, and with love.
    $450 gets a brand new bike, Motor with about 40 miles on it, ready to ride immediately.

    If you're interested, I live in South Florida, in Palm Beach.
    Call Mark: 561-248-6974

    I'm buying a motorcycle.

    Thanks everyone for your support.
    Mark Turkel
  15. Mark, sorry to hear about all the problems. I think you should give it a little more time. I'm sure it will all work itself out and you'll be happy again.
  16. You can have BOTH,Mark. The motorcycle for commuting and the Motoredbike for the weekends and getting a pack of gum at the convenience store.
    I weigh in at 270 at the moment so weight is not a factor here.
    You just had a string of bad luck.
    I would actually like a Motorcycle again myself for when I need to be somewhere and I don't have all day to get there.
  17. Marktur

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    How often do you all get flat tires? And why are mine going bad from the inside? I'm afraid to ride up to the convenience store at this point...
  18. lowracer

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    Check into Stan's Tubeless System. I've successfully used this product during my mountainbike racing days. Basically you are turning a standard tire & rim into a tubeless setup with a special latex sealant, tape to cover the spoke holes & special schraeder valve. Its inexpensive, stops flats & has less rolling resistance. -Cheers-
  19. Marktur

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    How often do you get flats?
  20. spad4me

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    The roads in Bullhead city are so bad I had to go to NO-MORE-FLATS at $19.00 each they cost more than my bicycle.
    I now buzz everything.