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    Hey guys!

    Been browsing your site for a few days now, and I figured I'd go ahead and register and make this site my new home.

    A little bit about me. I have been building bicycles for a long time now, though I have never motorized one. I'm fairly crafty, but a recent move has left me without my old workshop...:( I have a limited budget, as I am sure everyone does now a days. My dream car would be an pedal/electric velomobile. But like I said, I'm generally broke.

    I have decided to motorize a bike because I have all these cool bikes and I rarely get to ride them. Most of my time is spent at work. So I decided to use my bike to commute to work, to pur it to use, but a 20 mile one way trip is very tiring.

    So instead, I would like to motorize a bike, to make the travel a little more enjoyable, while still allowing me to kill the engine and utilize bike paths.

    I figured for my first motorized bike, I'd better modify a stock bike. Keep it simple. So, here is my first question:

    I have a Kulani Moon Dog Beach Cruiser and a Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper:

    Which would be easiest/best to motorize? Keep in mind I only have hand tools; no welder or grinder. What brand of motor is the best for the least amount of money? I've found many MANY different gas motors at varying prices, and I want to make an informed purchase.

    Thank you in advance for all your help!


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    Hi Roy, and welcome to MBc. You are in the "Welcome and get acquainted Thread" right now. Your best bet is to do some reading of various threads in the Tech Area Forums. Read, read and then use the excellent search function. There will always be someone around to help you out if you have questions. Good Luck and Enjoy.
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    Welcome to MBc. :D