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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. This is the second idler spring failure I have had. Can't blame it on the MTB GEBE 40cc tanaka. The first springbreak was on my recumbent powered by my other GEBE 26cc tanaka. The second break could have happened 20+ miles deep in a rural soy bean field area but luck was on my side. I was near a small communty that had a dollar general store. Thank goodness the store had some cheap bungee cords that I could hook around the idler arm ,down and around the bikes frame and back up and hooked again to the idler arm. The break on both springs happened at the identical spot where the spring hooks through the idler arm hole. Seems like the spring hole in the idler arm is the culprit. The sharp edges of the hole act as a cutting tool on the end of the hooked spring. Dudes check ur spring where it hooks thru the top of the idler. Add a bungee to your tool kit :) If you look close The photo of the top of the idler arm shows some wear made by the spring . I ride hard and fast on all types of roads which probably causes the spring to constanly rub against the hole with sharp 90deg angles. Gonna try to duplicate the lower spring attachment area that hooks over a round smooth thread free area of a bolt to the top of the idler lever

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  2. astring

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    I am really enjoying my GEBE, but that plastic cover with the logo broke after 80 miles (street miles not trails) and this oil leak problem is bugging me. Not to be too critical though, I whole heatedly recommend the GEBE products. these are just areas that they can work on.
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    what kind of oil issue do you have ?

    also, because i'm so over cautious of some stuff, after i ate up my first belt i just locked my tension arm in place with the nut and never have a problem. i carry a 7/16 wrench in my frame bag in case i need to dissingage the belt for some reason.

  4. datz510

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    might be worth using a file to round the edges of that hole to prevent future breakage.
  5. lennyharp

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    That was my thought or a dremel stone to smooth the edge. As a fabricator I figure that is part of finish and detailing of all work. Break all edges so they are not sharper than wanted. A knife blade or drill bit needs that sharp edge usually.
  6. astring

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    I put up another thread about it in 4 stroke section. It is likely that I still have too much oil (the extreme heat may be contributing also).