Another Inconvenient Truth (in my opinion): 3000 yrs of grain farming

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    Humans for the most part have yet to adapt to the modern diet that facilitated a population explosion over the last 3000 years and many if not most people would be better off going back to a hunter gatherer diet. I have heard bits and pieces recently that there was a problem with carbs in the typical diet but never enough to connect the dots. After a recent physical and blood tests, I happened to order a $15 book written in 2004 from Walmart that is now my bible to staying healthy. Far more than I would expect from a $15 book from Walmart.

    The case is clearly presented: Whats wrong with grains, potatoes and sugar. Perhaps not as big a health problem as lead in drinking water, but affecting more people.
    What causes and how to reduce the odds of heart attack & strokes.

    The book is convincing to the extent food processors and major restaurants look like they are treating you like a mushroom when they know better. Keeping you in the dark and feeding you BS.

    The book is also significant for what it implies you don't need; such as expensive vitamins and supplements.

    This book could help a rider lose a few pounds which would make their motor bike faster. I suppose this thread could have been listed as a performance mod.
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    Thanks for sharing. I definitely need to start watching what I am eating. I use to be super fit (crossfit, sprinting, jogging) but I am getting lazy and aging. Biking is definitely helping but to what extent I don't know. I do hit the gym and go on the exercise bicycle since running triggers my back sometimes. Also, I think there are two school of thoughts on motorbiking: some see it as a motor assistance (pedal primarily) and others see it as an alternative to a moped (little to no pedaling). I think many of us are in the latter bucket. On my 2-stroke, there is enough pull to go up steep hills no problem but with my 49cc 4-stroke (geared lower) I do have to help pedal it up hills and off the line. I guess this at least gives me some activity...
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    Though I've never been or would let myself get overweight, I think sitting around is the problem, then generations of kids seeing their parents sitting around, you never get over a poorly developed metabolism.Food and calories are the same as they've always been calories in calories out, in the 70's we lived on that Swansons and other TV dinner crap (where the meats were almost gray), that stuff was bad and bad for you, very few people were fat then.It's lifestyle, not something like foods that you can point to and place blame on such as boogieman GMO's, antibiotics, gluten, people rarely want to change the one thing they can, themselves.
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    Reading the book in the link posted earlier, the author takes a significant position on the topic of blood sugar spikes called glycemic shock and its effect: insulin resistance. News to me. Only by adding up the values of his suggested diet is a typical human tolerance suggested. The amount adds up to the blood sugar equivalent of four slices of white bread per day. And even at this tolerance level, the four slices should not be eaten at the same time. The average human diet, worldwide I might add; is light years overloaded with excess sources of sugar hitting the body everyday with glycemic shock. If a person takes the food measurements and the advice seriously, it is a long way down to a healthy diet.
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    I know of 30+ people that have lived horribly, they eat a half loaf of bread and a glass of milk for dinner, all over 75, are they in the greatest health, no, show me anyone over 75 that is.My main point, you're going to die, and we don't want everyone living to a ripe old age, yes I'm saying we need people to die, we also need less being born.
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    Yeah, so I was in Mexico for a wedding last week and met up with an old friend who had slimmed down a lot. I mean the last time I seen this guy he was overweight with a belly and fat face. Now, he is almost normal size and weight and looks great. His secret? He is on the keto diet (no grains, meats and fats with some fruit) and does light workouts. Of course, he cheated for the wedding which had some crazy good food.

    Basically, echoing what Wolfshoes is saying my friend is on a more natural diet for prehistoric humans and it works for him. He also mentioned that since he is burning fat for energy instead of glucose that type of energy has added benefit for neurological functions since the brain can utilize fat energy better than glucose. So, in addition to the weight loss, he is also getting the added benefit of better memory and concentration.

    I am cutting my grains and increasing my meat intake not because I am overweight but I like the neurological benefits and I am starting to develop allergies to my prior diet (can't have cereal...).
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    Since I shifted my diet back to a hunter gatherer diet back in early March, I have lost 19 lbs. About a pound per week. By most rules of thumb, I was not overweight at 182 lbs. My goal is 150 lbs; within 10 lbs of my teenage weight and stay there. Getting rid of the equivalent of two bowling balls of fat around the waistline is worth walking away, for the most part, from a recent buffet of home cooked food. The engine is doing a better job of maintaining power on my motorbike riding up hill since the change in diet. I suspect it may not be normal from a very long term human perspective, to fill out and gain weight as is common after school years. Since corn sweeteners were added in the 1970's, kids don't even make it until after they finish school to fill out and gain the extra pounds.

    There was a web page recently on the issue of food producers using the term "healthy" on their packaging and the FDA was asking for public input on creating a fair legal definition of the descriptive word " healthy", such as what was created for the the word "organic".

    Decades of U.S. government policy with agriculture and food entitlements support and encourage a overweight world population in perpetual glycemic shock. The case could be made the FDA and the Dept of Agriculture are also clueless in defining the word "nutrition". If the government stopped subsidizing the 95% unhealthy food products sold in stores; there would probably be a lot less need for Obamacare like programs shoved down our throat. If the U.S. government would try to reverse long standing and heavily lobbied farm and entitlement food programs keeping grain prices low; the political battle would be the domestic equivalent of getting out of Vietnam back in the 60's and 70's. Meanwhile we are left with the glaring example of dumb and bloated government; at taxpayers expense as usual (in my opinion).