another intro thread w/pics!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by motorbike91, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. motorbike91

    motorbike91 Guest

    So, this is my official intro thread. I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and just finished installing a 70cc ebay kit onto a greenline bc-706. I've put about 40 miles on the bike so far and the most important thing I've learned is that rubber between the engine mount and frame is not a good idea. Got that stuff outta there and it runs pretty well now. My main goals are to change to a smaller rear wheel sprocket (already ordered a 35 tooth from jack's small engines) and try to reduce the chain noise/drag as much as possible. Here's some pics:

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  2. spunout

    spunout Member

    welcome to MBc!!!
    that looks like a nice, solid build.
    thats a nice frame for a motor.
    did the motor arrive black, or is that you?
    dont feel bad, most of us toyed with rubber mounts, too.
  3. motorbike91

    motorbike91 Guest

    I painted the motor myself with Dupli-Color flat black High Heat w/ ceramic in it (says its good for up to 1200F) and polished the clutch, magneto and sprocket covers... like I've seen elsewhere on this forum.
  4. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    welcome to MBc ! :D
    nice ride
    I put some stuff down in your chain thread :)
  5. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Welcome to MBc. Very nice looking bike. Hope you find an answer to the noise issue.
  6. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    that's just too cool! the lines work and the bike looks so good...and i don't mind saying i like the idea of a first gallery going along with an intro. here's a heads-up, eventually someone's gonna ask about your lights :)

    welcome to the MBc :cool:
  7. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    It just has that 1940's Harley look to it, with the handlebar placement. Sweet bike dude! I really like it!
  8. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Great job! That's a beautiful bike. Thanks for the heads up about the rubber mounts and the info on the paint.
  9. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    Welcome to MBc. nice bike!
  10. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest


    Beautiful bike! A real ridin' mo-cheen.
  11. gauge

    gauge Guest

    welcome man , that bike is alsome i was gonaa paint my engine but it voids the warenty so im glad i didnt but what about the rubber between the frame not being a good idea.
  12. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Welcome to the group. Bike is cherry. From the Giant Side of Texas
  13. larymor

    larymor Guest

    Welcome ! Nice ride and excellent work. Good to have you aboard!
  14. vyzhion

    vyzhion Guest

    Welcome. I thought about trying out one of those greenline bikes but I ended up using a schwinn instead cuz it was convenient. Looks nice tho. Good job! :)