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    Hi everyone. I'm Dave from Perth in Western Australia. I'm putting together a mountain bike with a Suffolk Punch lawnmower engine driving the back wheel. I am using a shaft from a Fisher and Paykel washing machine as a jack shaft. By removing the bottom of the washing machine bowl you get a stainless steel shaft with mostly 1" machined surfaces and 2 bearings. The whole thing can be mounted inside a steel tube for mounting on a frame. I've managed to get all the sprockets together to gear the engine down. I couldn't find the specs for the motor as far as top revs are concerned so I've used 3000 for the calculations. They are a 75 cc side valve made between 1954 and sometime in the 70's. I noticed another lawnmower enthusiast with suffolk experience joined some time ago, maybe we can swap notes. Enough about me! I'll post some pics when I get the beast built.

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    hi Dave and welcome

    looking forward to your pictures -- thank you

    have fun as you build and ride that motor bike THING
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    Welcome to MBc,
    Its home made engineering that helps make this forum wealth of knowledge.

    More Smile to the Mile.