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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by chuck216, Jun 5, 2008.

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    My HuaSheng 4 stroke won't idle again. This time I know what the problem is, inside the stock airbox there should be a little 2 inch long 1/4 inch wide black plastic cover between the choke and engine vent tube. that part is missing. it fell out somewhere along the 10 mile stretch of road(s) to work this afternoon. meaning the bike only runs if it's being held at open throttle. I'm guessing the little piece acts like a vacuum line.

    Now for the reason for this post.. does anyone know where I can find a replacement airbox for this motor?

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    Thanks Cruiser, I did find it there even before you posted, I was hoping someone on the site could suggest a retail store that carried a suitable replacement considering the airbox off of the honda Gxh50 is exactly the same. But I did order online from was just hoping to avoid a 4-5 day wait.

    It's amazing that a little 2 inch long piece of plastic can keep the motor from running, but without it it just won't idle.

    I'm going to be smart when the new part gets here.. krazy glue that part to where it goes so there's no chance vibrations can shake it loose and out the bottom of the airbox.
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    I don't think it would. I have a Honda and I ditched the stock, plastic air box altogether. The crankcase breather goes no where and it runs perfectly.

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    The crankcase breather tube is the whole problem with mine. without that connection between it and the carb intake my bike simply won't idle, and in fact won't run without the choke on. I didn't think something so minor would effect it either, but the motor dies the second the choke is opened.
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    Do you mean the choke dies when it is opened only when the breather is opened, or does it do that all the time?

    Either way, I can't figure why it would have so much effect. I always thought the breather was just ro release crankcase pressure and make sure the crankcase fumes were burned in the engine for emissions issues.