Another MB/Cager accident


Local time
2:54 AM
Mar 26, 2008
St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA
Hey All,

The other night I came to a stop sign, stopped, and continued on when I saw a car coming up a hill out of nowhere...:eek:

I hit the brakes, and they hit their brakes (screeching because they were going WAY over the speed limit of 30 mpg) and missed injury and possible death by probably *literally* a couple of seconds.:eek:

Well, the impact could've been much, much worse, but the car hit my front tire and still skidded another 3/4 of a car-length before it stopped (the trunk was in front of me by the time it was over).

The passenger then frantically hopped out to ask me if I was hurt. Still in shock, I looked down at my front wheel to see it bent around 45 degrees to the handlebars (rim was not physically bent, luckily). The passenger started saying something like, "I'm so sorry--I was just teaching my sister to drive. I just told her coming up the hill that she was going too fast!!!" I talked to them for a couple of minutes, saying that I was physically OK, but they had scared the heck out of me and to be more careful (especially since she was a new/illegal driver).

Once they left I straightened out my wheel by putting it between my legs and squaring the handlebars to it, but I was still VERY shaken, since I figured that I'd almost got seriously injured or even gone on to the afterlife...

Well, I guess now it's all over, but the moral to the story is that it gave me a new sense of what could actually happen to us out there, how blind cagers are to us, and how much I want to tell my fellow MBers to be careful...

Peace all and be careful,
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Darn! That's some crazy stuff right there. There is nothing more frightening than seeing the lights of something barrel at you way too fast. I'm glad they saw you at the last minute and that you are okay.

There was a motorcycle/auto accident down the street from my house last week. I wasn't home but I understand that it was bad. The cager is of course fine but the guy on the motorcycle...

There are a lot of motorcycles and scooters on my street, within one mile we have a Ducati dealership and a hole in the wall scooter dealership. So theres always someone test driving or going to pick up parts. Not to mention the commuters that use this as a short cut... The Harleys, crotch rockets and scooters don't scare me; it's the 20 year old dude headed into Boston on his cell phone with the music up so loud I can hear it in my garage that terrifies me.

The young and inexperienced cagers are the worst, especially when you put a cell phone in their hands.
What scares me are the kids who "text" and drive at the same time. I had to go to traffic school for a ticket recently (speed trap, long story) and there was actually a 16 year old kid in there who was trying to argue with the instructor that texting while driving is okay.

I think it's going to get a lot more dangerous out there if this is how kids in general think.