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    New here, obviously. I found the site while researching engines to put in a boardtrack-looking thingie I've been imagining for a while now.

    I'm experienced with engines and with bicycles. I worked as a bike mechanic from the late 70s to the late 80s. Then I got an engineering job and switched to motorcycles - Ducatis in particular. Bought my first one in '91 and it's been an obsession ever since. I climbed the bike ladder until I bought a Ducati 996 and realized my skills were so far below a modern bike's limits that it was silly to keep chasing that scene.

    My next bike was a project - rebuilding a '74 Ducati. That got me into the vintage scene, which got me into single cylinder bikes, and my current project is a 160cc Duc. It seems I peaked in 2000 and have been going to smaller stuff ever since!

    I'm a fan of boardtrack bikes (Cyclone is my favorite) and have this idea I'd like to build a motorized bicycle along the same lines.

    And that's pretty much my story. For those who prefer pictures to words, here's a pic showing the extremes of my bike interest.


    I've made progress on the 160 since that pic was taken but it's on forums all over the 'net already, and to keep things a bit more on topic you'll have to check out my website for more info.

    Probably won't post much here since I've got three projects underway already right now, but I do like to gather a bunch of info before embarking on anything like like this so I'm sure I'll be checking in fairly often. I've seen some pretty impressive bikes already so who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and stumble on to a worthy frame, and next thing you know I'll have four projects underway!

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    welcome desmo to the fray. desmo is such a intuitive system and the sound they make!!on kneeslider is a harley desmo motor. glad you are here. mitch
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    Thanks for the welcome! Now if I could just figure out why my signature isn't showing up...

    Anyway, I've seen the desmo Harley on the 'net in a few places. Cool project, a little too ambitious for this guy though! My machinist skills are not worthy...

    EDIT: oops. there's the sig. I guess it doesn't work "retroactively".
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    welcome -- some nice looking bikes there

    have fun and be careful as you -- ride those THINGS