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    Hello, all.

    Just picked up a Grubee GT2B and shoehorned it into my Jamis Commuter. I haven't gotten to ride it much yet as I had to do some troubleshooting and tweaking (one of the jets was inexplicably just rolling around in the bowl).

    However, I really enjoyed the process. What this tiny engine is capable just astounds me, really. I wish I could quiet it down, tho'. I'm not looking to go bombing down the city streets ( I have a motorcycle for that). I don't want to attract attention to myself, but boy howdy does it ever. Anyway, that's a topic for another thread.

    Now I'm just trying to find out if registering this is even necessary. It isn't a moped. It's a pre-existing bike that I stuffed a 48cc engine in. I've read the multitude of threads on the subject, and I guess the results will largely be based on the whims of whoever is waiting on me at the RMV in Chinatown.
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    Welcome aboard! Not to many active Ma. members. Post pictures when possiable.
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    Thanks everyone. I'll try registering it tomorrow. 50/50 shot, I'd say!
  5. chainmaker

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    I have registered 3 in Ma with no problems.
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    Chainmaker: I just moved from Plymouth! Their registry never gave you any problems?

    Well, here's how it panned out today. My wife was actually kind enough to volunteer to do this for me (saintly, as this is the end of the month at an RMV). The registry person actually asked for the title. My wife said it's just a bicycle. "Well, we need a bill of sale to prove you own it". Awesome. That bike has to be at least 4 years old now. I highly doubt I have a receipt for it anymore. I was worried most about the VIN. I didn't think an entry-level inexpensive bike would be the fly in the ointment.
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    Here is what I did, I added in the remainder of digits needed for the vin. I used the bike serial number for the first needed digits. I hade My misses make out a bill of sale to Me ( to be legal she sold Me the bikes for 25.00 each) Went to the registry with all the paperwork filled out and money in hand. Brought My 2 kids ( 1.5 and 3 years old to rush things along registry people dont like little kids who ask lots of questions) I didnt refer to the bikes as bikes. I register them as mopeds so thats what I called them ( no grey area) No problems in and out 5 mins.
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    Ha! What a great strategy! My wife actually found the original receipt for the bike and is going to try again tomorrow. If that fails, it's subterfuge time.
  9. chainmaker

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    So how did it go? Any luck?
  10. MMStingray

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    My Saintly Bride waited in the rain this morning for the RMV to open up so she could ultimately be told that it doesn't need to be registered because it's not a moped. We were prepared for pretty much anything that they'd throw at us; original receipt for the actual bike purchase, receipt for the engine kit itself, hi-res printed pictures of the badge on the engine showing its origin and that it really is just 48cc, a picture of the badge that it's EPA approved, a picture of the complete assembled bike, etc.

    My wife then prodded them, asking how we can be assured that I won't get pulled over or cited for anything (there will be no hooliganism (c;), and the woman behind the counter took the picture of the complete bike and went somewhere to check with someone. She came back and said that it isn't a moped and it doesn't need to be registered, because it doesn't match any of the reference pictures they must have...out back or something. The complete lack of inconsistency of RMVs in the SAME STATE just blows my mind. I'm just trying to do the right civil thing here and it's all so ambiguous.
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    Alright, pictures have finally been posted.