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    Wll here is a little bout me I'm from Austin Tx I've been riding a china girl for 3 months now . I am currently bout to start on my 2nd build I have found my place in life I just gotta find the cash to keep it goin . I have found alot of good advise and will or try not to make the same mistakes I did on the first one.

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    welcome aboard.

    The second bike usually goes better than the first. Though sometimes it throws a surprise or two at you.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    first snag

    I ran into my first snag got it together and went around the block at first I thought it was goin good then all of a sudden started bogging. I ran across this before so i thought I knew what to do but come to find out I didnt.I didnt notice the cap on the piston was leaking air to the piston . So now im gonna take it off and put another gasket on it hopefully this will take care of it . I got xtremaly lucky today and a kid in the neighborhood rolled by and he stopped in and asked a question bout his other bike and I asked him bout mine , so he found the leak and I helped him with his .

    :bowdown: BIKERS CREED :grin5: