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    ...who's bitten by the motored bike bug.

    Hello from Kansas! I've been looking longingly at gas bikes for about a year and have finally decided to do something about it. Here's the deal...

    I'm an Engineer by trade, an A&P mechanic on the side, and serial tinkerer. I know just enough about bicycles to get my self in trouble, but I'm a pretty quick learner.

    I've got two weeks of free evenings coming up and I want to be able to build up a gas bike before the end of the month (ambitious, huh?). Preferably a beach cruiser style...

    I'm leaning towards the Grubee 66cc engine kit because they have a coupon out right now. Any reasons why this is a bad idea?

    For a frame, I like the Ocean Pacific aluminum cruiser from Wally-World because it's light and it's already got provisions for v-style brakes. I like the Huffy Panama Jack too, but it's pricier and I haven't found one to look at yet...

    So, hello everyone! Thanks in advance, any feedback is appreciated, and expect some questions as I get familiar with this forum...

  2. Hey, always good to have new members on the forum looking to learn, and contribute.

    Did you do a great deal with bikes before the idea of making a MB?
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    Hi Schwinn-Locura, thank you for the reply! I've done some basic bike maintenance but nothing much more than that. In fact, I'm still riding the same cheap 26" mountain bike I got for my 13th birthday... Other than tweaking brakes, crank bearings, and shift linkages over the years it's never failed me. Over my adult years I've had several long stretches where that bike was my primary means of transportation, but mostly I ride around my neghborhood in the evenings.

    I wish I could say that I've even seen a MB up close, but my only exposure to them has been from a distance in the Oshkosh campgrounds. I've been infatuated with the idea ever since... I live too far out in the country for a MB to be practical transportation, and I don't expect my bike to get used on a daily basis but I like to tinker and build. This project will be my stress-reliever when I'm burned out from working on my airplane or my truck.

    Not one to be overly patient, I came home from town today with a Huffy Nel Lusso. Now to order the engine kit and research handle brakes...
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    Welcome to the group! The engine you mentioned is a good one. I know you will have some fun working on it and riding it!

  5. Ah, sweet. I just seen a MB one day and though "I need one of those." 2 weeks later I got one.

    Before that I was really into Down Hill mountainbikeing. I had a pretty expensive Norco, but sold and, and ordered some upgrade parts. Saving the rest of the money for a car when I'm 16.

    MB are amazing fun, and gave me transportation while I was working in Porters Lake (8 minute drive on my MB.) Without the MB I would have to to rely on my co-workers to get me there. One is my aunt so it wouldn't be to bad, but it was still really convenient.

    Anyway, I'm going to stop this here so the wall of text is atleast readable.
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    Regardless of who issued the coupon, buy your engine kit from a reputable vendor with a good review.
    All of these engine kits are like a spin of the roulette wheel. You never know if you got a good one or a dud until the bike is built.
    A good warranty reputation can go a long ways.
    FWIW, the 2010 Grubee SkyHawk GoSick'em StageII engines advertise to be the best engines out yet. Just reading the ad for them it sounds as if Grubee has been listening to the MB community and has addressed alot of the common problems.

    I have yet to read a review of one in the forums though.
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    Thank you for the all the feedback. I ordered the engine kit from; it's a 2010 Grubee 66cc kit.

    As expected, the bike needs a little clean-up work, and some freeing up and lubing of all the bearings before assembly. I've ordered most of the parts I think i'll need to install side-pull brakes as well... Tuseday things should get rolling! Off to clean up my shop...:cool::grin5:
  8. Your bike might need some mods to fit the engine.

    I had to free up some space on my frame with a hammer, and cut out a part of the rear triangle.