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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by alfredart, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Hey all. I figured it was about time to join this forum. I've been working on a bike now for a year as it is a whole lot of custom. I call it the "Black Widow." I'm working now on getting the motor on it and hope to have it on the road very soon. I'm running a 2012 SkyHawk GT5 Angle Fire 80/66cc engine with a CNS V3 Carburetor. I started with a early 50's JC Higgins frame and have built it one piece at a time. My artwork has funded this project from the get go so that is one reason that it's taken some time to get to where I'm at. Plus being an artist I didn't want a cookie cutter type of bike but rather a custom one of a kind. I think I've done that so far. I'll post photos as soon as I can. :) I still have a few little things to get for this build but she will be finished this summer.

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    welcome I call mine the Killer Tomato
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    Nothing like having a one of a kind bike. I've got the only gas powered bicycle in the world that shifts five gears automatically.
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    Thanks guys for the welcome. Here's what I'm working on...

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    Welcome to the forum. You can make your bike very unique for very little money. Say hello to Elvis for me if you run into him.
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    LOL, I see him all the time here. I hope to have some custom pipes for this one of these days. Would like to have duels one on each side running under the bags.
  7. MikeOnBike

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    I like the classic black/red spider theme you have going on there Alfred, i myself am also an artist as well.

    what did you use to cut the designs in your fenders, a dremel tool?
  8. alfredart

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    Thanks Mike. Yeah, can't live without a Dremmil, mines got a workout with this build.
  9. Stoltzee

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    Love the handle bars, and that's a sweet piece of art. I realized how many black cruiser MB's there are about 2 months into my project. Guess I'll have to get creative with some paint.

    Great saddlebags too.
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    Thanks man. I've got a year in this the way she sits. Hope to get her fired up by the weekend then I can finish her up. Still have a few more things to do and get. But it's close.