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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dave C, Nov 28, 2010.

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    hey. my name is Dave, brought here by a youtube video like many of you.

    My bike is a Mongoose Paver with a BGF 66cc motor. Motor is customized with a Boost brand boost bottle, sick bike parts expansion chamber with muffler, SBP upgrade bolt kit, BGF race carb, 56 tooth sprocket, upgraded spark plug wire, NGK plug.

    The bike I would NOT recommend as a good canidate for conversion. The seat post is at a bad angle for these motors and it makes mounting a bit problematic even though it's a 28" frame. It's rather compact and a bad design. They chumped out on the rims and made them a little undersized, inflating them blows the tire right off the rim. I contacted Mongoose and they sent me two new tires with wire beads instead of the fabric bead on the stock tire and a new back wheel to replace the one bent to :poop: by the blowout. Those didn't work, either:veryangry: I got 2 Duro bullet proof tires off of eBay for $60. The have a belt of hard plastic right under the tread and do not expand at all under pressure. Those worked:cool:

    Future upgrades include getting another motor, one I can work over. I raced super karts in my past so this new motor is getting worked over big time. Main thing is sending the crank, piston and rod to a machinest to have it balanced to get rid of the vibration and get the head milled for more compression. I'm also going to port it, too.

    Reason for the 56 tooth gear is the 28" tires and the fact my hometown is Boise, Idaho. The town is built on an aincient river bed and we have what are called "benches". These are like hills and to get anywhere you have to be able to climb. My bike accelerates up these hills despite the fact I weigh 225 lbs. I think I'm getting a 50 tooth for just a little more top end though. With the planned upgrades to the motor I'm betting that there will still be no problem with hills:smug2:

    Well, I'm looking forward to meeting many here at the 2011 bike meets that I can get to and here in this forum:grin5:

  2. Pablo

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    NICE first post. Scary on the rims even on a pedal bike!
  3. Dave C

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    Yah, not happy with the rims at all. I'm getting the spool from the bent rim threaded with 12 Gauge spokes and plan on looking for a double layer steel rim for the back wheel when I can find one. There are tons of bike shops here so I figure that there'll be no problem with that, providing their even made :)

    Oh, thought I'd add: you'll be hearing from me for more parts in the future :D
  4. Pablo

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    If you find a place that will do custom 12 Ga spokes without breaking the bank, let me know!!
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    Welcome to MBc. Keep us posted on how the balancing works in controling the vibration. I think that's the bigest prob with the Happy Time (Chinese motors).
  6. Dave C

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    Will do.