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    Greetings all:

    My name is Joe; I live in Phoenix. Brand new to motorized bikes. Not sure where and how they caught my eye recently, but the bug bit me, I bought a GEBE kit about a month ago, and stuck it on this oddball, but perfect-for-me, bike my father-in-law gave me (pardon the crappy cell phone photo).
    Riding early to beat the heat, from short rides in town to a 75-mile ride around the county roads this morning. The GEBE runs like a dream, and Arizona law is motorized-bike friendly, as are law enforcement so far; I've seen plenty, and all have waved as they pass or ignore me. My biggest problem so far - keeping my kids away from my GEBE!

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    Nice build. I would like to have one of those next. Did you have to buy the motor and mounting kit seperatly. what was total motor kit cost?.
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    I did buy the engine and the kit separately, because GEBE was out of the Robin/Subarus. From all the discussions on this board, it seems that both the R/S and the Honda are among the best of the bunch. Don't remember the total cost exactly, $500 and something.