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    Hi all,

    I am another guy trying to save money on petrol. An old guy came into my shop on one of these bikes and I got talking to him about it and he put me on to the zbox site. I got the 66cc motor, and just got it working today.

    I had bought a $99.00 Kmart bike on special but when the motor arrived I found it would not fit in the frame - not enough room between the pedals and the top bar. So I went to the "Dump Shop" [at the local tip] and picked up another bike from there for $25.00. It needs a little TLC, I still need to take a little buckle out of the back wheel, but I'm having trouble finding anywhere that sells a spoke spanner.

    The kit went in easily, it took about six hours or so and I'm no great mechanic and that included time going to get some misc tools and a puncture repair kit etc.

    I was astounded when it started first go!!!

    I got quite a few questions, but I'll make some new threads in the other sections. For now, here's the first pics:

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    Welcome to MBc
    I have similar Dunlop bike to, brown in color. Mine was a unfinished project of a friend who moved on away from MB. Bought the lot, re-built the back wheel and tlc'd the rest.
    Interesting tank mounting, from a safety perspective I was thinking the same lines, and to have a type of cover later on to, so the tank is isolated from the elements, well done.

    All the best, ride safely.