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    ahhhh, the first time doing this. should prove to be interesting. due to my recent retardedness, i will no longer have a drivers license for the next year. fortunately, i can put a motor on my bicycle! with that being said, here is what i need. i drive 25 miles back and forth to work. needs to be reliable. lawyer has got my money. needs to be reasonably cheap.($500 or less) speeds of 30 or more. i am a diesel mechanic so assembly is not an issue. i need a bike/engine kit combo that has a proven track record. any help here is greatly appreciated.

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    Idea for places to look.

    Hi Dirty
    Just an idea, check out craigslist. I found a Golden eagle all set up on there today, just needs a new drive belt. Just a thought.:idea:
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    For your requirement of under $500.00 you don't have too much choice. You can build one from a HT under $300 to $350.00, but with a better engine I think you will go over budget. Attaining a constant 30 MPH or more is kind of out of the question with a HT without modifications. I have found that with a few modifications (under $50.00 if you have the tools and hardware) my bikes are quite reliable. Then add riding gear (as a daily rider is needed), as far as I'm concerned.
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    ahhh, the wisdom of somebody who has been there done that. dug through the garage and found an old bike i used to ride. 26" mountain. tubes are right size and i cant beat the price. a ht motor wont hold up to 30 mph? please send me some mod ideas. i also have a schwinn occ chopper bke i bought for my son who no longer rides it. just a thought, found a 125cc dirtbike engine from tmotorsports that includes wire harnass and carb for under 200. i am not above mounting it and riding a little on the left side of the law. a man has to get to work! thanks for the reply