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    Hi! Name is Stephen, 44.87Yrs (turning 45 on July 28th), owner of a 1999 Tomos Targa moped, and a newly converted HTJ powered mountain bike I named Loreley. (after a Blackmore's Night song, I had playing on the Zune while I was bolting the engine on.) I picked-up the engine kit from Bob (BlueCollarBikes), and had it on in less than 3 hours. A few minor tweaks and touch-ups, minor maintenance by Bob & Rick. and she's running like a champ.

    History of the bike: The bike was actually a discard. My town has a central trash collection area, with a "trade" shack off to the side for items that are still good (or, people think they are.. Honest, some people drop off junk that should be discarded, but sometimes, they leave things worth saving.) Well, about 3 years ago, someone left this Murray Sabre 18-speed mountain bike.. Aside from a "Acid-Etch" rusted solid chain, and minor cable stiffness, the bike looked virtually brand new. (still had the nibs on the tires. Very little wear.) I brought it home, cut the old chain off, bought a Bell replacement chain from Walmart, installed it. removed all of the cables, lubed, replaced any damaged jackets. tightened the axle nuts, replaced the seat, (the Magna seat on her now, came from a Magna "Exitor" trail bike I got recently) and she was good as new. I let her sit in a storage shed for a few years, the original tires began cracking, so I replaced them & the tubes. What I missed, was the spoke band, had also deteriorated, and punctured the new tube. A new band, Another new tube, and she was back on the road. My normal job is as a schoolbus driver, and here it being near the end of the school year, I needed to get some cheaper transportation (especially with the price of gas at $4.359 average here in Connecticut.) I saw Bob's ad on Craigslist, and picked-up one of the engines. In less than 3 hours, I had the engine on, wired, plumbed, and fueled. A minor problem with a smaller frame diameter made the idler roll, so it kept tossing the chain off the rear gear, into the spokes. So, modified the idler bracket, and everything worked fine! A few minor tweaks, fixes, and she's a full fledged Moped now.

    Way too many hobbies, interests. Handy with tools, rough fabrication. Knowledge of electronics, computers, all kinds of things.

    Hope to be a contributing member of the community here!

    Stephen (gelfling6)

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    hi stephen; you will be an asset to this growing community. ride on. mitch