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    Hi all.
    Pretty sure I posted when I registered and have finally gotten ready to start my first build.

    Wife gave me a RAW 80cc kit for xmas, my 10 year old and I will build it using my 10 year old Electra Street Rod as a donor.

    I already UTSE'd to find out about sprocket mounting on a nexus 7 speed internal, and from what I read, it didn't look encouraging. So, I'm going to get a new wheel, not just a thinking is I'd rather not use a coaster hub, and get a hand brake for the rear.

    I've seen dual levers, one for clutch and one for that a hard mod to do? Would I be better off with a coaster?

    My goal is to make this build as easy a humanly possible. I'm not that great a tinkerer and the 10 year old is, well...10.

    So coaster or hand brake with two levers? Or is there another alternative that I haven't considered.

    sorry for the long intro and asking something that's probably all over this forum if I looked closely enough.

    Mick in CT

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    Hi Mick and welcome aboard.

    the good news is that these installs are really not hard at all. Once you've done it, you could do one after another without even thinking about it.

    But someone who is not familiar with these can definitely make errors that will bring you to a complete stop while you wait for your vendor to send you a new part.

    this is a good reason to read, read, read and then read some more. Many of the vendor's sites have pretty good instructions. and the posts here will have other useful hints. You'll also find many brake hints that'll allow you to decide on your own whether to use dual-pulls, two handles or other set-ups.

    If you have some basic tools and the ability to use them, then you can do this without much trouble as long as you do a bit of homework.

    So have fun and tell us all about your bike.