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  1. I'm from Buffalo and have been playing around with an old beat and dented Schwinn that I built a year back. After reading a bunch and making mistakes on the first bike. I bought a decent 26" beach cruiser and I'm putting together a laundry list of parts and options. I can't think of it as transportation till NYS DMV change their books on "limited use" motorcycles, or as the NYS DMV calls them "motor assisted bicycles". For now it's a pet project, a novelty to keep me busy on a weekend. I've got mechanical & welding chops with a working knowledge of electronics and access to a friend's machinist skills. Advice, solutions, parts reference, links for sources and bad jokes are always welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum. PM the "Professor". He has a good handle on the New York laws for motorbikes and Mopeds.
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    I've been following his posts, we're fairly piped in NYS unless you work some magic with a vin# tag.

    I've got a few guys who have done super low buck builds just to run them on private property. I'd like to find more of us to use a private lot, if nothing else but to ride a oval track. Till enough people write the DMV and get some kind of improvement on our situation. I'd just give up and ride a motorcycle if they weren't just so damn fun and affordable.
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    We can dig that man, welcome to the MAB pad! Site is groovy and fuzzy man.