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    Just kidding, that's my dad's old picture, I'm only 53.
    I quit screwing around with the scooters awhile back. Too much time, inventory, and headaches.
    I just moved back to a college town and everybody seems to think motorized bikes are greener than scoots. (I guess that's why they are there)
    Anyhow, I've got a early 80's FUJI in near perfect shape (im the sole owner) and would like to make it really nice for a salesman's sample. I'll post some pictures as soon as the sun comes back out.
    I have a 93cc 2-stroke a guy gave me for some money he owed. He said he just built it, but you never know.
    I set it on the bench and gave it a pull and the damn thing eat me up before I could finally get it stopped.
    Any ideas about where to start looking for a kit or parts or just plain good advice would be appreciated.
    I know there's more you need to know, but I gotta start somewhere.:-/

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    Hi keith, welcome to Motoredbikes!